Wearable Wednesday Erdem

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Erdem has been selected to create attire for the special interns that must unobtrusively follow Anna Wintour from place to place. Let’s see what they’ve come up with, shall we?  This one is designed To blend in with the Vogue wallpaper in the first floor powder room- Ms W must never get caught stealing all the little Karl Lagerfeld shaped guest soaps.


Used to distract Choupette from clawing at Vivvy Westwood while Daddy is speaking about aliens and taffy pulls.


Refilling her all licorice and Blueberry jellybelly carafes after she’s been inconference with Vicky and David…..


In case she gets lost in Stella McCartney’s annual Soy and Kudzu Maze and needs to be rescued without embarrassment.


Discretely hiding in the window dressings & ringing the bell during her monthly séance with Coco Chanel’s guiding spirit.


disguised as a canopy bed in case her mink Teddy bear, Lee falls off the bed during one of her reoccurring night terrors involving Jodhpurs.


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Mccalls 6395 Again~

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As I have whined previously, I’ve fallen behind. It’s this weather. I make a new thing, I love it, I wear it to work, Fathers house, buffet time, whatever and then get home- the photohubs looks at it, and gamely says, ‘Do we need pictures of that?’ and I sigh and fall into a Camille-like swoon across the Davenport announcing that I am too wilted for the paparazzi!


Then  weeks go by and I become bored with a previously loved garment and half-heartedly throw a review at PR. Sigh, I am a fickle lamb. So I’ve sort of given up on documenting my last summer makes- until November when I  torment you with daily pics from my Disney trip- in a feature I like to plagaristically refer to as MMM…….Me Made Mickey! 

So this last week I blasted the air conditioning, set the fan on high and focused on Fall. I have been unsure what to do with this knit from my very first Mary Jo’s visit 2 years ago. I finally decided to remake McCall’s 6395. I made it back in Oh, Mercy! 2011 !

Ah….a gaudy times capsule. This time I did the skirted version- yay pockets- and skipped the zipper wrist business. I had other ideas. I’ve loved to see designers embellish with metal, but I have never liked my attempts- I have all the subtly and  craftsmanship of a macaroni necklace. I haven’
t given up yet- check this out:


I started with the sleeves, then  added a bit more and a bit more. This print really hid the fun seamlines, so I felt a little detail couldn’t hurt. Also, it was a good day on TCM, so I didn’t mind the handwork! I used a bias tape for the neckline- no floppy facings to tuck in all day thank you. I thought it might help stabilize it after I sew all this decorative weight to it!


Ok, Big girl reveal time! Here i go round the mulberry bush, don’cha know.


ACTION SHOT! I have no idea what I am doing here- it looks like I’m about to start clogging. I’m not totally thrilled with the clingy nature of this fabric- what does one line stable knit with? All I see is my barrel-like qualities as it clings to my daintiness.


Ok, without motion, it looks better I think. luckily I totally embrace a motionless lifestyle. It’s my forte. I’m sorry this pattern is out of print- I’m taunting you with calorie free chocolate here- what you just can’t get. But per Pattern Review, at least 6 more people have it. Want to start a convention, Ladies of 6395?


You know in the fall ok, all seasons- I like a tunicy bit of business. This totally bits the bill for me. I can work it with leggings, I can scarf it up. I have very low-level Bollywood style aspirations. I go on pinterest and pin all these Afghani and Indian style outfits and I have come to a conclusion. I’m trying to create a form of gaudy Lagenlook. Less brown, more eye searing. Less natural fibers, more textural mayhem. If Judy Dench can do it, why not little me? This leads me to my Fall plotting. I’m just not little Miss fitted garment. I like some ease and draping. But I will look like a festooned barrel if I’m not careful, so I’m thinking columny. Even tho the weather isn’t dropping, I decided this weekend to rotate the lawn and voile out-of-the-way for more textural winter fabrics. I also reworked my swatch book and made a board of ideas and generally wasted time shredding an Instyle magazine in the name of planning. I came to several conclusions:

1- I need more fabric. Of course. So I can make this:

2- I need to plan separates that work with each other. Without looking like a suit. I don’t have a suit lifestyle. Jackets, yay. Suits no. This doesn’t really exemplify my point, but I love it and as you know, I’m easily distracted!


3- I need more fabric. Still. maybe for this Clover Canyon gorgeousness. Rip-offs ahead!


So how about you? Do your wardrobe inspiring icons change seasonally? Are you Miley Cyrus in the summer and Ruth Beider Ginsberg in the winter?

photo credits: Pattern review, meadhawg. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Rachel Comey

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Today we will play “yes,Vogue’   ‘NOVOGUE!’ and try to hint to our pattern company which of these we’d prefer they hacked for us. Ok?



Yes, Vogue


Yes, Vogue- come on, it’s interesting and  gives you a gut grin!


No, Vogue- wait- does Vogue do window valances?


No Vogue- but you won’t listen to us, will you?


Yes, Vogue- come on, I want a new 80’s rock star duster!


It’s too late, isn’t it? This is already on the next catalog cover, isn’t it?



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Forward, March!

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I haven’t posted a new sewing review in what feels like forever. Why? Oh, my thumbs aren’t broken, I just have been clearing out a lot of cut out and not very exciting things. Repeats and three-peats and such. My reviews would have replaced Ambien as a sleep aid.


‘Yeah, so I made these pants and then I liked them so I made them again to go with this top I’d already made twice and it’s in the fabric of that dress I made a couple of times….are you still with me? No, no, you go ahead and sleep. It’s cool…..’

But now I am liberated from my TO DO list. Now what? LIST UP!!!! Am I right?

pink panther

OK, so Fall. Yes, Fall. I like it. Seriously, I rock fall. I totally blend with Fall. I am old leaves. But, you know, endearingly. Check out Pantones 2014 Fall lineup, is it not little me?

fall 2014

I’m so thrilled with these colors!!! Now the scheming commences!! Scheming Fairy? Wave that wand!


This is going to be interactive! Let me know what you think of my fall/winter schemes- there is no prize other than the joy of knowing that you help gaudy the universe! That’s enough tho, right? Sure, sure. First up- a peek at my cluttered swatch folio. I’m looking for pattern ideas here.


*What Would Anna Sui Do?


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Wearable Wednesday Paule Ka

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Girly, perhaps a bit of edge. I like it. I find this all very Hayley Mills Trouble with Angels adorable. But, the model is distracting me. Her inner monologue is really hung over. pk1

‘Can they tell? I totally forgot the rest of the outfit- ‘


“Yeah, it’s like career day, Phoebe-‘


‘MM’kay- I like totally tied myself to this chair, can you like, call the attendant?’


‘Whoa- like room shift, or just me, guys? ‘


‘Sooooo spent from last nights tequila crawl- I hope this is on right-‘


‘Ermegod- it is so bright in here….’


‘Just hold onto the chair, Phoebe we can do this……soooo want to hurl….’


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All things Laborious

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You can’t wear white after Labor Day.


I said, you can’t wear white after Labor Day.


You aren’t listening.


Ok, now lets really focus, ok? No white after-


Hey, Missy! I mean you in the head wrap- I am trying  teach etiquette and class here- now go change into something appropriate!


Ok,  Sassy sleeves Armani- just settle down. We have rules here. I demand that you leave and take your seasonally inappropriate bichon with you!!!


Aargh. Let’s try again. I repeat. No white after Labor Day!!!


People! I am trying to remind all of us of the importance of following fashion rules! If we didn’t have rules, our society would just collapse into jumpsuit wearing mayhem. Now go and move your white garments to the off-season storage as God intended!!!!


E Tu Altuzarra?????


Donatella, you are not helping. I’m going to need you to go sit down. In the back.


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Wearable Wednesday Cushine et Ochs

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Ok, ignore her preying mantis shoulders and enjoy the cut of these:


Very cool…..even if it’s in a (gasp) solid color….


oh, no, no, no.


Ok, better- more cheetah is always better.


…and the most cheetah rules!




I could see Duchess Kate in this- right before Prince Phillips heart attack-



photo credits:style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.