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meetjohndoe2So I’m still sort of in mourning for my local Hancock fabric store. They opened a new store just across the parking lot (seriously) from the old one and promised me BIGGER, BETTER! and then  I arrive on opening day and they reveal the INCREDIBLE SHRINKING FABRIC SECTION!!! They had redesignated it a crafts store and the gaudy Anne area was squeezed into a quarter of it and it was not pretty. I think my Hancock fabric shopping has dropped to strictly pattern sales and emergency zipper events. I have found online sources for thread, notions, fabric and if I need my ‘MUST TOUCH TEXTILES’ fix, I have quarterly trips to Mary Jo’s in another state with the fabulous’ Cleasby sisters of quiltdom’ to keep me going.  Well, where was this going? Ah, come on- you know if you are reading this you just need to strap on a helmet and follow me down the rabbit hole, right?  Right!  So one day my pattern slave – I swear, Mr B can work those drawers like a…..ok, never mind, that sounds like it’s headed downhill- let’s just say he is really great at retrieving patterns from large cabinets. Well, once more, Vogues new patterns came out 2 weeks earlier and Hancock STILL hasn’t put out the new ones- so we are circling toward the register with our meager zipper and bias tape purchases. I am of course racing thru the poly jungle when  I hear a throat clearing behind me. I turn to see Mr B waving the gaudiest thing I have seen in quite some time at me like he is using drag queen semaphore to clear the beaches. It is a very, very unnatural fiber, but it is so amazingly WTF that it gets a 1st, 2nd and 3rd stroke from me. Then it goes to the cutting table where the staff gives me the ‘huh, what will she do with that’ face as usual. I swear, the poor dears are so used to only dealing with ‘no sew fleece fringe tie’ monsters now, they are numb- they have forgotten to ask how many yards, they just greet you with a sigh and a ‘how large is the sofa that your fleece Nascar throw will be draped over?’ I feel for you ladies, I really do.

This fabric is very interesting- it’s a panel, with borders on each selvage that do not act as panels- they just sandwich the panels. So odd. I have no idea what the designer had in mind, but I needed a pattern that wouldn’t show all the breaks in the pattern. So I chose these victims:


The top shows so many variations for print placement, I’ve been saving it for just such an occasion. So did I pair it with the Burda skirt? Um, no. That would have made sense. I as you know prefer to create bodice orphans that match nothing but a pair of jeans?! So entereth Simplicity 1462! IMG_6173

Yes, those are my glasses and no, Mr B does not like them!  I’ve been looking for a pattern that will let me play with color blocking and this totally fits the bill and even makes me feel kind of thin-ish!


snakey 1

I had top call for a consult on the Burda instructions. I brought in the trusty husband and explained what I thought it wanted me to do. He squinted and huffed at the envelope and the instructions and concurred that regardless of what I was reading- oh Burda, we are like Mars and Venus, you and I- the end would look like the envelope. Cheers ensued as  I released him from the sewing room. Back to watching Tottenham.


I wasn’t sold on the desisns ties at the waist- you know my ‘ties are for little girls’ issue, so I have this belted- it stays bloused without it, but I liked the look of it. This belt is not my favorite choice, but I haven’t found the perfect one yet.  I also realized during fitting that the zipper was a superfluous event. It goes on just fine without it. These pictures were taken at our Farmers Market- it’s really too lovely to buy parsnips at, isn’t it? See the dandy faux wrap? I love a faux wrap! No worries, no maintenance! If I do this again I will shorten the waist a bit- its overly blousy! Also, I can hear my Mother telling me to stand up straight- that would fix my hem I hope!

crane 3

My new thing is to use up every bit of a fabric at once. I used to put the excess back in the closet, saving it for another make- I realized that I was avoiding parts of the closet to not look at already molested textiles. I was in an ex-boyfriend mode with fabric. Oh, we’ve already had our time together, now I’d prefer to move on and seeing you just reminds me that I’ve already been there, done that. So now, while a fabric and I are still in honeymoon mode, I will cut out everything possible and maintain our fascination with each other as long as possible.  Hence, the dress and top in blue cranes of doom.


But wait- I still have about a yard of this 60 inch charmer left! What to do, what to do? Would YOU  like it? Do you dare to brave the poly for this interesting print? Do you ever go against your better judgement to play with something pretty?   I believe that this may get me into a record book for hosting a fabric giveaway that NO ONE ENTERS!!! Feel the gaudy…… IMG_6203

But seriously, if any of you Gaudy Scouts want my left over yardage because the call to play with ‘blue cranes of doom panel poly’ is too much for you to sleep at night, I am here for you! Leave a comment about what you would do with it (and just hoarding is accepted, of course) how pretty I look, or how much you are disappointed by  your local fabric source and you can be the one with the gaudiest mail box filler ever!!!!








photo credits: pattern review, google images, meadhawg. All images remain the property of their original owners.


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