Well, I am full of mixed feelings this morning- not my usual ones regarding which flavored creamer I should overuse, but about my finally finishing Simplicity 2219.  Ever have a favorite dessert that you now can’t look at because your old school  boyfriend broke up with you while you were eating it and now it’s dead to you? No matter how ridiculous you know it is, you just can’t eat snickers cheesecake without a bitter sense of pain and rejection?  Ok, perhaps I overstate it, but Simplicity 2219 is a paisley snickers cheesecake.


She is not a bad thing- she is merely misunderstood- by my sewing machine. This pattern is easy, has lovely ruched details at the bodice and a fully lined bodice- all of these details lost by my unfortunate choice of camouflaging paisley- by all rights I should be stroking it and calling it ‘George’ right now, but the sewing process of making my machine love her has almost defeated me. A simple dress with 10 pieces became a torturous battle armed only with walking foot, ballpoint needle and a dream.  This finished project may always make me wince and it truly isn’t fair to such a lovely girl. She has many outstanding qualities and virtues: I embraced them and wore her proudly yesterday to my Mom-inlaws for lunch. The dress and I were bonding well, we were complimenting each other and feeling very summery/saint Tropez when my sister-inlaw bounced in and shared with me that I

 ‘matched the couch’.

LIttle dress- I think you just slipped me a slice of cheesecake and asked for your Morrissey cd back.