So did I mention I subscribed to Burdastyle? I did the 3 month subscription in case I was was in over my head. Well, I totally love the patterns in this months issue- lots of tunics- you know tunics and I- are happy together!

So I have loved it, read thru it, put post-its on pictures I’m giddy about, ran into the sewers bordello and held the magazine up to different stash items- cuz you know, I like to get the fabrics opinion, just in case. Now this morning I took the big leap and removed the staples delicately and spread out the pattern pieces.

       OH HOLY MOSES ON BUTTERED TOAST?! Those pattern pieces laid out on top of each other with different colors for different pieces, different dashy lines for each size (mine is the little tiny cow hoof prints in a line I think)  and the multiple languages I think I may have had a little seizure while looking at it. I am so ready to tuck-tail and run back to the See and Sew area and never come out! Give me 2 pieces and an elastic waist! Right now I’m typing from my anxiety closet with a flashlight- I put the pattern magazine in the refrigerator I don’t think it can open from the inside- so I think I’m safe for now.

So the question is- did anyone else assume the 3-d glasses were missing from their first issue? Any tips on not going blind while trying to trace what looks like a crude map of Middle Earth onto tracing paper? On a high note- I did discover that if I stared at the paper and let my focus relax, I can see a schooner! And Dolphins! And a manatee!

Or should I just buy a lovely parrot since I now have 3 months worth of potential cage lining?

photo credits: google images, burdastyle