Ah, this collection is new-  I know we’re all tired of looking at all those stone age collections from 4 months ago- gracious- so de trop! let’s peer thru our opera glasses at a design team  that style.com refers to as ‘.. a fashion-loving professional woman’s go-to…’ Here are some standouts worn by what appears to be aslightly  angry Kirstin Dunst!

For me these seem to be very basic shapes invigorated by interesting fabric choices.

Look it’s sort of Lisette! I really like this one- the lace pop is very frisky.

This next one is for the working Woman in the Matrix.

Final favorite: work that color blocking ladies!

As a side note- I looked up celebrities in Preen and found the Gwyneth, the Hathaway, a Fergie and a Winehouse. Not quite what I was expecting!  

photo credits: Instyle.com