I can’t lie I’ve taken a lot of cold medicine this week. So I’ve sort of lapsed into a licorice-nyquil revery in which I hear the Association singing ‘Everyone knows it’s Wendy’ except as Annie, of course  and I picture myself as a stylish gadabout in fabulous accesories in Mod London. I really recommend the nyquil if you haven’t tried it.  I had no idea how cool my delusions were! This collection is just what I see as I veg between bouts of nose blowing and coughing. Expect for the gloved smoking- children that is not cool.

 See how cool and pouty I am?

Aren’t my gloves fabulous?

Here I am lunching with Megan and her cool French gal friends….

I am sooo continental…

I have this hat in every color, don’t you?

I cannot have too much leopard. Nope.

I am one hot, fleecy beast! Please whistle along with me- I’m using my right nostril for that- and tell me how you feel about these pretty pop pieces…

photo credits: stlye.com