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I’ve done it again- I’ve sewn for my fantasy life, not my actual. Do I live the life of picnics and steamy encounters? No. Most of my steamy encounters involve something a dog did on my poor rug. But I like to sew like Tennessee  Williams is going to document the events to follow. So if you see me with a glassy look, I’m attending the picnic in my mind and I’m having a fabulous time  eating much potato salad while my beaus fan the gnats away.

In my internal picnic I see Vogue 8728. It  is so popular- all the Sewin’ Sect that I admire has it in multiple versions, I wanted one too. Check out this one! I love Andrea’s work.

Look at this hipless twig! Surely I’ll look the same in it, right? I swear these model drawings are distorted or something- surely they cannot have internal organs and be that slender?!

I don’t love it, it did make my fitting consultant (husband of the head cocked to the side, ‘will it always do that thing in the back?’) confused.Once he said it, it was all i could see. The back neckline is doing this hovercraft thing- totally ruining my posing- I could see it and hear the Jaws theme- I kid you not. Shh Liesl! It’s coming to get us!I still am not quite sure what it’s secretly doing behind me, but I wish it would put down the deflector shield.  The sign should say ‘My Fair Liesl’ of course. We shall speak to the management immediately. I want to like this- for a Vogue, this was really easy- the waist attachment seemed a little awkward- iron seam allowance under, then stitch to the gathered upper bodice all in one move- um, no, I skipped that little adventure and did it the way it felt right, then finished the edge. ain’t I reckless?I’ve seen this in a few woven makes, so I pressed on with my giddy dachshund seersucka plans and it worked well except that I just think that the bias neckband is a little wide for my taste. I still may go back and narrow it down- it feels too noticeable in the back. I also skipped the shoulder pads- which I was looking forward to- I like a little Joan Crawford shoulder pad action. I like to greet people with a nice shoulder thrust. But the neck is so wide that they were really going to sit so far off my shoulders that they would have been little diving boards for visiting pigeons.  A look I can’t get enough of as I’m sure you cannot either.

“Hey! Excuse me! Have you a tailoring guide in there? ‘ It really didn’t sit so well without a belt- so much seersucka needed a bit of a break- so did we- this was a tiring adventure downtown- being chased by an angry neckline.

Somebody better throw me and the Liesl a stinkin’ picnic!

photo credits: meadhawg, google images