Ugh. So many text messages from Goopy this week. She has no respect for my quality time at the IHOP with Mr B.  ‘Use Prada, this week, use Prada’, ‘why isn’t my husbands cd in your car?’   ‘can you tell I ate a grape?’. ‘Do you think Stella Mcartney is talking about me?’ Well, ok, Gwynnie- to make you happy on one account:

Prada!!! Ta da!!!

First person to comment on the shoes gets a kewpie doll. They remind me of little dayglo galoshes. I’ll bet that Helena Bonham Carter has a pair.  You will scratch furniture with this collection, but isn’t it worth it?

‘When you get to her eyebrows, turn off the air-brush gun…’

Seriously- the shoes are growing on me.

well, not the white ones- they look like bondage nursewear. Don’t google that- especially during National Nurses Week.

photo credits: style.com, gofugyourself