I’m still in upholstery purgatory. I can see the end of the tunnel, but not much light yet. I’m hoping this 3 day weekend will get me thru this and back where I belong in self-indulgence city. So I thought I would show you some things I made for my favorite models- the little ones that don’t complain. Back in my former life before the recession made the doll couture audience dwindle a bit. Sigh.

I really enjoy making doll clothes- you can get so much more ‘busy’ in your prints and embellishments than you can on most people clothes-I also got to buy alot of new dolls to ‘keep ahead of the curve’ of course- not because I just needed her!I could also take these to my side job and hem very discreetly! These are also further proof that I am the most spoiled wife ever- Mr B would dutifully stop playing Call of Duty to take these tiny photo shoots whenever I asked! Did I mention that you feel so much less guilt when you purchase tiny fabric amounts?

Ok, here’s one more:

Ok, I’d better go pin piping now. sigh……

photo credits: meadhawg, google images