I understand a collection needs a theme- I’ve seen Nina Garcia rant, I know stuff. Lets see if we can spot the themes that stood out here: Ok, now this:

Did you say angry girls needing podiatrists?  Lord, those toes are freaking me out- are model toes longer than regular peoples? Ok, I totaly digressed there.. back to the theme search-Drapery fringe! Gladiator Boots- workmans coats- I do want the coat. It features multiple snack pockets!

Hmm- well upholstered gladiators in theatrical drapes!

That’s a lot of fringe… I like this jacket, altho I just know I’ll drag my tails in my soup  too much and it will constantly be at the cleaners?! Oh, now this one simply cries out for the gladiator boots, not just these toe vents!So what do we think? Great pieces, but together? It isn’t flying for me….I’m not even sure how to get in and out of this.My cat loves all these fringes tho…she votes ‘yes’. Now in honor of the usually high level of comments- I refer to the  level of wit, of course- I will be awarding a pattern prize for the best Scarlett O’hara comment! I do love it when you all do the work for me!

photo credits: style.com