Mrs Mole and I have been friends for quite some time now- heck, I can’t even remember which Thanksgiving the above shot of us was taken at- precious memories!  Thanksgiving in the perfect time in my humble opinion for Senora Mole’ita to win the Pattern Pyramid Pile! because aside from being a fabulous sewista who makes every bride look beautiful and not fall out of her frock- and willingly explains her intricate, magical work to us on her sneak behind the veil blog- Fit for a  Queen- she has the patience of a saint! We’re talkin’ Catherine on the wheel patience!  As Thanksgiving turns into shopporama around 4pm, I can’t help but give thanks for people in industries that put up with our obnoxious customer butts! If you haven’t enjoyed her comment insight here, please, go to her blog and read her tailoring stories that will curl the hair on your toes!

Now, lets get our pattern loving juices flowing- here is the original Pile:So why don’t you pop over to Mrs Mole‘s house and get in on the latest grouping?

photo credits: Mrs Mole, google images