I LOVE some animal print- realistic, plushy, foolish, whatevs! Some of my favorite makes of mine and other bloggers have been feline in nature- so I propose that in January we salute this never ceasing trend with a little extra love.

Do you sew wild prints? Do they terrify you? Is the wild kingdom outside of your comfort zone? Come on and push the feral envelope this month and stitch up some cuddly crazy or some sleek beast to be featured as part of this soon to an annual animal thang!

I propose a month of wild guest posts – either the guest or the garment can be wild- your choice! Tons of tiny giveaways and general feral blog mayhem!apemanThis is more festival parade than sewalong- the only requirements are your continued indulgence in my foolishness and a promise to walk on the animal print wild side with a make of your own in a sassy predator print.

Who wants to go on a style safari with me? Lets get the sartorial juices flowing with some celebs strutting in sabertoothed togs:Lady GaGa leaving kiis fm in laLacy prints count too, Dita! amfAR Inspiration Gala Los Angeles - ArrivalsPerhaps more subtle? subtleClassic menswear? isaPresidential? jackieOr, ill-advised? paris hilton 101009Oh, lets not let her ruin our fun! So are you with me? Want to play?

ann**As soon as I get my minions in gear, a lovely button of the Jungle January poster kitten will be yours for your very own blog- oh, feel the pride burning within as you display this idiocy!

photo credits: meadhawg, google images