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You may know this already- I am a Disney dork. or Dorklet, if you prefer. During our annual pilgrimages to the Mouse Mecca, we always love- ok, I always love to eat at the Brown Derby and cruise on the Great Movie Ride. It combines my loves of old hollywood lore and Disney perfectly. I coo at the sight of movie props in the queue- like this carousel horse used in a particular movie I love ….carousel and then of course he MAJOR squealing starts when we get to his part of the ride: maryHad enough hints? This year the touring company of Mary Poppins is coming to Greenville and Mr B got tickets! Isn’t he the ginchiest? I am really blessed, I know. So I needed the perfect outfit that says Mary Poppins Glamour, right? I decided to go 1964 premiere red carpet instead of full-on suffragette…I did end up a little disappointed at the lack of theatre goers who rose to the occasion- Lord, I is tired of cowboy boots and mini skirts together. Sigh. I carried my foolish torch of theme alone.

Butterick 5707:5707Surprise, surprise- I couldn’t leave well enough alone and just follow instructions- I did my first frankenpattern- I like a full skirt (whether or not it likes me is irrelevant, doncha know) I pulled a separate retro pattern for a full crinoline lovin’ skirt. My only other change was that bow thing on the bodice just didn’t work out- so I ended up with the little cleavage mail slot for really no reason- not even the most intrepid pervert with a telescope could catch much flesh thru that porthole. Not even a tiny Indiana Jones could slide thru that opening successfully. I may widen it, or close it. I haven’t had the coin toss yet this morning.pop5Arrgh! My full length shots are a bit limited- my photog and I failed to notice the puppy pad in the corner- now THAT is photo bombing at its most basic! Once I got this all together, it felt like an awful lot of unrelieved color- I was concerned that if I put a doily on each elbow and one on my head, an old lady would try to put me by her fireplace as a divan for company. So I thought a little corsagy business would help. What do you think? I made it a separate piece in case I did want to go as a Davenport next Halloween without it. pop4No photo shoot is complete with out a little dachsie action, right? I mean, really- it is THEIR chair. IMG_2936Then there were two.IMG_2938But three is really best, don’t you think? I must say I love this, but I did have some fitting issues, as you can see- the sleeve style sort of baffled me at fitting time. I did not do the front gathers, as I was adding the full skirt, so I darted the back, but I think I need to go back and pull out a good bit of fullness under the arms- hopefully without ruining the shape. IMG_2918I really should have posed with a refrigerator, I am feeling very Betty Furness here. I read somewhere that she liked to flash her underpinnings at sock monkeys too. IMG_2923

photo credits: pattern review, google images,  meadhawg, allears.net