While Flannery carefully  takes down the Christmas tree,DSC05480

I will share some other fabulous felinage with you: Outfit

Behold! Beajay in a fabulous top- those shoes are workin’ for me totally, Ma’am!  This young puma powerhouse is already plotting her second animal make! Holy Siegfried and Roy, Batman! Check out her blog for a full review of the Style Arc Creative Cate top- and then bookmark it- she’s wonderful!!

Meanwhile, in Florida:3-IMG_2503

Do you think I could fit that wall hanging in this cheetah bag? If I sneak into Coco’s Loft, I might try! Look at how adorable! Another animal print mix- with an Amy Butler sling bag- I LOVE IT! Read up on her adventures- you will be glad you did!

Now! I know there are folks out there still not so sure about ‘the wearin’ o’ the pelt prints’, so I will entice  you with a few more inspiring images lifted from  from my Jungle January Mood Board:

Alex Mabille couture..60728294945032044_1guK8Jzi_c

Betsey Johnson39688040435683005_UZvKBVxa_c


Dolce & Gabbanadolce

Give in Ruth…..bend to purring peer pressure!

oh, one more brilliant thing: Jungle January has a flickr group! In my old age I’d like to look back and reflect on how well-dressed my friends were, so please- join and post your cougarous thoughts, leopard longings and finished fabulosity!

Flickr- Jungle January

photo credits: meadhawg, Beajay,Coco, google images, pinterest