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Over the Holidays, sewista history was made when the Lovely Gillian was tweetin’ about shoes and ships and sealing wax and sewing projects and I foolishly mentioned that I don’t have a TNT pattern. These idle comments over the webs started a lovely chain of sewing challenges- some quite intense, but none of them cruel- go and check them out and get in the game! ….but back to me….ME! Some of our sewistas that have a go to sloper for any urgent call. ‘Oh, this weekend there is a leiderhosen convention with a puffer fish motif- I’ll use my TNT pattern I have for that!’……no. Tho I know that proper fitting is so important and you really get to know a pattern and how it responds to SQUIRREL!!squ1

and how it is constructed and if I loved the shape, why not make another? It totally makes sense to fine tune and perfect a fit. Threads Magazine says:A sloper fits the figure it was drafted for with only the minimum room needed to breathe and move (called wearing ease), but without design, or style, ease—or seam allowances. SQUIRREL!!sui2

It’s the most snugly fitted garment you’ll ever wear, and as such, is almost like a pattern for your skin. In fact, the skintight cloth covers of commercial dress forms are made from slopers, drafted from the measurements of the so-called “ideal” figure the garment industry aims to fit.sui3

So why would I ignore such wisdom? Perhaps you’ve guessed. I’m easily distracted. SQUIRREL!!!!sui4

So far my sewing dictum has been to adopt as many homeless patterns as I can and share my love with them all. I flit from bright shiny object to bright shiny object sometimes on a whim, sometimes what I just saw on Gossip Girl, sometimes a pattern review I just saw. My queue changes more often that the health code review on our local Hibachi Grill. So Gillian dared me to sew 3 garments from the same pattern. Gulp. So I did! By #3 I wasn’t so thrilled with my pattern choice. But I think any pattern I chose would have been getting the stink eye after 2 makes. I had to excuse myself from looking at Pattern Review- I was starting to resent that little envelope, but I knew that if I did something else in the interim, I’d find every excuse on the planet not to finish and then I think somehow it was implied but not stated that Gillian could give me an indian burn or a wedgie.gillian

I should have read that verbal agreement more closely! But I know my wardrobe needs tops, tops and more tops. So I chose New Look 6808- which I’ve come to think of as ‘Bizarro universe Vogue 1247′ because everyone has reviewed it!6808

I love the look of the first one- the soft neckline, the 3/4 sleeves- so it ended up being my favorite.blue

I went frisky and flocked for #2 and don’t really love the collar, but it is a great excuse for a gaudy brooch. Gaudy? I’m in!flip

#3 was sort of an expieriment. I widened the neckline so that I could pleat it and add cutesy buttons. It’s the most comfortable, but maybe not the most flattering.red

By the way- the above picture is what passes for an action shot in my world. All three were from stash fabrics, so that’s good.3fr

What did I learn? I will definitely be revisiting some patterns I have tried before and loved- Gillian, I’m ready for another assignment, if you’re game. can it be an animal print? hint, hint….. SQUIRREL!!flying-squirrel

photo credits: google images, meadhawg, Threads magazine, Crafting a Rainbow