Whoo! We are having a blast here at the Spotted Carpet as more and more of our favorites pop in to celebrate the call of the fashionable wild!

Coco!!! Over here! Who are you wearing? Why it’s Grainline Studios Scout Tee in a very desirable print! 2-IMG_0111

Coco, do you follow any celebs as fashion inspirations? none. Do not follow. My mother rocked in her zebra print capris in 1954!  Gee, I’d planned to ask you if you will play again next year, but you have never left the habitat, have you? well, you’re talking to the girl who bought a giraffe-print swing minidress in Filene’s Basement in 1967… God bless your work, Ma’am!!

Well, look who has emerged from her Oscar viewing to join us briefly between shorts and cartoons- it’s Tempesttempest jungle january 1

So, while we have you- If your fabric stash were a tree, what kind of tree would it be? A lava-tree. Sorry, you can’t ask me a tree question and not expect me to resort to toilet humour. Seriously though, a truffula tree from the Lorax….very colourful, quite furry and all over the place (well, until the Once-ler turns up and helps me with some stash-busting)

Those amazing animals- just accessories or full-on textile dominance? Why? Full on textile dominance….I’m a firm believer in matchy matchiness. If you’re going to wear something most women shy away from you might as well go for it. You only live once and what if you get to 82 and suddenly realise how many years you wasted not wearing that snakeskin/leopard print/faux giraffe ensemble. 

Here’s Chris in my favorite Tiramisu- the zebra one! How about a question or two? IMG_0549

What does animal print mean to you? How does it make you feel  and how did this challenge move or change your destiny? Oh I’d have to be a tiger as animal print makes feel sleek and sexy 

What is your spirit animal and do you follow  its grain? Again I’d go with the wild tiger and underneath this facade there’s a wild sleek and sexy woman lurking about inside and in the dark of the night she lets loose LOL

Who’s next? Oh, it’s little me! Well tell us, Anne, how  do you feel about exotic animal prints? Really, they just aren’t for me. I prefer subtle solid colors. Sewing is about expressing ones maturity and reserve thru needle and thread. Its not for foolishness! IMG_1027

Jess- I just bought this pattern and I hope I can look half as ferocious as you do!!8417339159_3da20489ef

 Would you do this again next year? Do you have a plan?
Yes, I would!  I think I’m leaning toward a more reptilian print next year, but we’ll see what opportunities this year of minimal fabric purchasing brings!   Yay! I look forward to seeing your sassy slithering!
Do you think Di Caprio would have been nominated if his character had worn more snake skin? Most absolutely.  Especially if they were skin tight snake skin leather pants.  My thoughts exactly!
Here comes Cari looking quite classy!
My Skirt front
What does animal print mean to you? How does it make you feel  and how did this challenge move or change your destiny? I can’t believe that with my long-standing love of vintage styles, I’ve almost totally managed to miss out on animal print up to now. Now that I’ve taken the plunge, I’m hooked. There will be plenty more in my wardrobe, so long as Guinevere doesn’t get to the fabrics first and claim them for her own. I think she’d be happy if her entire wardrobe was nothing but animal prints to mix and match, whether I thought they matched or not. I’m loving Miss Guinevere more and more!
Do you have an animal print celebrity style icon? I may have been oblivious to animal print up to now, but on the last day of January, I got to go see Muse live in concert. I could swear the drummer was wearing a pink/red animal print shirt (we were about 25 or 30’ back from the stage, and he was toward the back of the stage, so maybe it was just ink-blots). I’d like to think I can admire his getting into the spirit of Jungle January, because, yes, the on-line sewing community is just that cool that he chose that shirt just because of us.  I’m sure that he did!
Now I have to send you via ‘spotted carpet remote to see Lisa at Sew on and Sew on- she has the spotted fever and it’s wonderful!
Shel-Shel is wearing a lovely bit of sass today!
Hey, Shel-Posen or Kors?

Posen is adorable, but only Kors could come up with quotes like “That could be his drag name: Origami Rose”, in reference to our cuddly, beloved, real-women-loving Ven Budhu……And these treasures:

Now, here’s one of my favorite people working leopard as only she can. Be inspired to bring a little animal into your everyday as she does!


In Rachel Pally….

dita von teese rachel

In Jean-Charles de Castelbaja….Dita-von-Teese-Jean-Charles-de-Castelbajac-dress-chs2

Or just running an errand or two…dita-von-teese

photo credits: google images, Meadhawg, Red Carpet Fashion Awards, all images remain the property of their original owners.