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Here they come. Ringing the doorbell, stopping you at the Sam’s, slipped onto your desk by co-workers. Yes, it’s that time again and Juliette Gordon Low, I am mad at you!juliette-gordon-low-2

It was February and I wanted to be a Scruffy Badger Scout like all the cool kids-  I bought the pattern and the polka dotted (ok, sort of polka dotted) fabric for my uniform and I was really liking my dress- until YOU meddling kids showed up with your smiles promising girly empowerment, but  really just masking caloric intake! Shame on you! Now my NL 6000 is bursting at the seams and my breath smells of shame and thin mints! Oh, how evil you little moppets are! I’ve paid $3.50 a box to send you to sleepaway camp and now I can’t afford my much needed trip to a fat camp for me! I’m three more boxes away from looking like the First Lady- and I don’t mean the one who loves Jason Wu!?FS93_GS_1

Ah me, here goes nothing-cookie1

I chose View A and I really enjoyed making the pleats- can you see them around the peanut butter patties? That by the way is my new nickname for my hips.   I had to alter the pattern to my usual 18ish. Hey New Look? Where are the patterns for the dainty plussers?cookie2

Don’t make me put these cookies down and fire off an angry letter- cuz I just might!! Ok, maybe I’ll just finish this sleeve of thin mints first- I don’t want them to dry out. Or be eaten by the camera man. That would suck, too.cookie3

This is lined in an ivory batiste and I didn’t take into account that it might take up some of my ease space- yup, thats what happened, it’s that darned thick, thick batiste taking up all my oxygen room!IMG_4043

‘She looked like she had been poured into her clothes and had forgotten to say ‘when’ – P G Wodehouse.   I think that about sums it up. I think I will put my little frock in the closet until the weather warms up and I am out of cookies!!  I do love this look, I know I will wear it to death later in the year after I perhaps burn off a couple of hundred samoas walking the puffy-pups.cookie4

Aw, Juliette, I can’t stay mad at you- you’re just too cuddly! *Unsubstantiated Bonus Jules GL trivia: Samoas, the best cookie by far was named after Jule’s South Pacific Islander love toy Fetu- her first viewing of the prototype cookie made her weep and exclaim, ‘The rich caramel color, it is so like my Fetu…..so  yummy…..’.. * 74c1cf37c200b0faf90262faca04ab88

photo credits: meadhawg, google images, all photos remain the property of their original sources

* This is of course folk lore and cann ot be used in earning your Girl Scout History badge.