We’re in Paris, Baby! ts1

Ok I’m going to filter out some of this collection and focus on my favorite recurring theme from it.ts11

Ready for some fashion? Well let’s get cracking!


-Swag bags included drawn butter and limited edition bibs…..


The designer took her inspiration from art, nature and the Red Lobster spring menu…..ts14

I love this jacket- what do you think? ts8

Group on coupons for Al’s Bayside Shanty Bar and Tiki Lounge for the best comment on this next one: ts9

This collection is so not about keeping Kosher, it’s about succulence.


I love the shoes in this collection. I also love the subtle shell shoulders….ts13

Wallis Simpson had a Cartier brooch very similar to this one.


Oh, no! They make high/low pants, too?! ts16

Now I really do what you to see the rest of this collection- it’s crazy, colorful fun- go look at Style.com and then maybe go have some thermidor…….

photo credits: Style.com