Now we reach the Summit & it’s time to reflect and enjoy a beverage……


I can’t bear to leave the Jungle! So lets all look back on our style hijinks and salute some of our favorites……and have our 1st contest!!!! Vote for your favorite gal by the watering hole and go back for another look at their blogs and flickr pics!







Sigh…does this mean we are done? No indeed! I see several more up ahead!  Go see Bridget, Ginpins, Moogers and Shanni on the flickr feed! I thank you all for hanging in there, trying new prints, encouraging each other and generally just enhancing the interwebs with your style, enthusiasm and fierceness! Lets never stop slinkin’ & purrin’ !!!!! More polls and gaudy foolishness ahead!!!

Remember: jj7

photo credits: flickr, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners!

Frisky February- the style hits keep coming!


I’m so excited to keep seeing more and more animal print across the interwebs- you are all some stylin’ beasties!  Check out Sarah with her 2nd make   No! 3rd make- I count her adorable mouse infinity scarf too!

Snow Leopard  M6700

One of my fav Pattern Review gals to watch for is Dilliander- she does some lovely things- I’m partial to her corporate animal outfit!


Sewmanju- pack this up, necklace and all and send it hither! Thank you. I’ll be waiting.


I can’t think of anything more appropriate that a Spotty Dog in a spotty ensemble, can you?  Just seeing her makes me want cocoa and a good book! OK,a kind of trashy book…..P1000472

This next pic is a teaser- U&mii is at it again with another grrrring make!


Maria is helping me to stop fearing jumpsuits! I already loved predators- know I love them at play!


A lining of great friskiness! Go Beth- I love the unexpected pop of this! OW-5-13-18-Lining

Now. There are 3 other lovely makes on the flickr group that I don’t have links to and I’m seriously tech challenged at pulling pics off of flickr- so go see these pretties!!!


Now I’m off hunker down in the sewists Bordello to work on my Blue February make!


photo credits: Sarah, little me, meadhawg, dilliander, pattern review, Sewmanju,  Spotty Dog Social Club, U&m11, Marie, Beth. All photos remain the property of their original owners!

Ground Hogs? No. Leopards!


I’m glad you all hung around while I upgraded the cruise vehicle and rounded up more stylish peeps! Let’s get started, shall we? Before the monkeys get restless.

Gjeo- I’m bummed to not see you in your fav Gunmetal- looks like Kitty may be sad too- but ever stylish! button-closure-and-the-bat-signal

Heather is much more dressed up this morning that I- she looks prepared for anything! As one should be- I may declare her  Purring Purser of our trip! Leopard 5

Plantains abound! If anything has fueled this journey it has been Plantain Power! Helen has them in multiples! Here’s my fav, naturally!


Shar on flickr has me so proud- she’s back this year and doubling her Roar! shar

3 Words: Parisian Giraffe Wrap! I swoon!!! Thank you Lucia! Parisian-giraffe-04

Redsilvia  brings us a love story in wrap form!


Yes, Naomi- leopard is a neutral!I just love the pop it brings, don’t you? fluro-leopard

If Stitch parade gets within 50 feet of me, I will seriously clutch this clutch- it is too cute! Clutch-on-hand

I want this dress- don’t you see me at Disney in this? I totally do. Thornberry is quite the enabler with this Vogue!!!


Vicki has a lovely bag to match her obi now- and she throws in some Morris Day at her blog- got to love it! Here’s a tiny peek:

2014-01-31 21.18.05[1]

Well, thats all for now! There are still some cruisers that I need to get pics of, so please, check out the flickr group and prepare for the final roundup and SPOTTED CARPET EVENT!!!!4ff1

photo credits: meadhawg, Heather, flickr, shar, Gjeometry, Lucia, Red Silvia, Stitch parade, Thornberry, Sewing Scientist

What’s After January, kids?


Exactly!!! I have refueled the cruise wagon, gathered more snacks and we are off again on a spirited sartorial adventure! Didn’t remember your snack? We have many Plantains on hand! Starting with my new bestie!


Another 2-fr! Here’s Katie!


Feel flirty and skirty? WE got that covered! Here are April, Tempest and another Tempest! Red, I love red!!


Here’s Nikki- I love this dress!


Heather is back- I’m so glad to see her! Heather

Jo- I love this picture!!!


Coco is working in threes this year! Sweet predator dreams!


Another new friend- Teri! 


I never know who’s style I covet more. Cari or Guinevere! Ok, just send me both outfits and don’t forget the hat! tiger-taffeta-1

Here’s a girl after my own heart- Laurie!


Wherefore art thou Renfrew- oh, right here with Elle and Ricky!


Norie is making the Covet Fairy hover over me!!!


And now, a very special remake from Pennylibrarian!


I think of Jungle January as a nice introspective time for Sewists to reflect on their personal style and perhaps add a just a tiny bit of interest to their wardrobes. A time for the reclusive to poke a toe out of their retiring demeanor and well, you get it, right Taracat?p1220449

Yeah, I’m going to need you to step out of your comfort zone and get racy, too- Pia! 3-style4-2

Well, of course we have mopre oput there, but I saved this one to end todays show on a Mossy note- Ms Mccall? IMG_1477

photo credits: meadhawg, google images, u&mii, Kaddidlehopper,bbuffing1, Teri A, Tara,Tempest, Sharon, Cari, Ms Mccall,Pia, Jo Sews, Coco, Elle Sews, Penny Librarian, Laurie. All images remain the property of their original owners!

“Me Tarzan, you very on Trend! “


I love an inbox full of gorgeous animal prints! Lets get started- what do I see first as we cruise the paths less taken? Hmm….Here’s a little Snow Leopard from Sarah! M5436 #4

A hearty predator welcome to Susan! I warn you tho- many a sewist has started out subtle and ended up pure carnivore by their 2nd year! We’ll be watching for you! Jungle January 7

You know Marrie, if you pose frisky, I must use that picture!!!! I have this pattern- a copycat will occur!!!


Now what is more fierce than a snake print moto jacket? A Viking wearing a porcupine as a codpiece. But we will  show lovely Sue instead!!!!

Marie Jacket unzipped

Dang, Barbie! Stop showing off!!!! We get it, you are an icon!!!


I have a skirt crush. It’s SewingElle and it’s a zebra like no other!!!!


This pose! I just love it! Please Juliet! Make this the best 2014 Christmas card ever!!!!DSC05325

Gail is back! She is a real Darwinian dream this year!


I loove meeting new bloggy pals- especially when they have an eye for the slinky! Check out Miss Virginia!


Last year Anne W adorned her offspring with much cattery- this year she is back and it’s all about her!


Gillian, you know I can’t resist an action shot!!!!



photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg, Musings of a Seamstress, Sueparrot, Marrie, SewingElle, Crazy Gypsy, Gillian,Susan, Gail,   Anne W. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Its not a hat- it’s Simplicty 1623


As a hostess, I am a little late. But in fairness, I did jump the gun with my purple cheetah Connie Crawford. That last sentence has never been uttered before, I’m sure.


Let me also share that Mr B hates this pattern. Seriously. It has a mini-mullet hem, it is empire waist and it has a funky gathered business that hikes up one side. Well, cheese and crackers, when you put it all together, I’m not sure why I like it. But I do. Hey, did I mention we are in the midst of Snowpocalypse? Yes! We got 1 inch. Its was devastating to our natural order. These pics show my dedication to showing you chubby girls in foolish fashions! fro1

I love a flowy, fluttery thing and this does that. It’s probably a fabric better suited to a little blouse, but hey, in for a penny, right?


That big old gathery business hides an immense pocket. Seriously, it’s like oven mitt sized. I can carry Flannery in there if I wish to. I’m not sure she’d like it, but I could!


Woo- she is fierce! As fierce as a day-glo python? I know I am! Bodice detail:


Check out my moves! See me terrorize the villagers! Look out mongooses- mongeese? A mangle on mongoose? A whole mess of them, whatever they like to be called in plural!!


Pattern thoughts: why does a pattern designed for knits need a back zip? Does it help or just cut up my lovely gaudiness? I skipped it. I also used a charmeuse- yes- I am perpetrating charmeuse abuse! But it worked and doesn’t that make me quite the little rebel? heehee- also a charter member of Slytherin!


Wondering about the title? When I first tried this on it made me think about the Little Prince. Damn, I look like a snake that swallowed an elephant?!

its a hat

photo credits: meadhawg, google images, Patternreview. All images remain the property op their original owners.

Deep, deep into the jungle- where the animals are Fancy!


Lots of things happening in two’s and three’s this year! Sharon is on a 2nd safari and tho not so happy with her make- I think it’s gorgeous!!!

McCalls 6839 front and back

Patty has a public service announcement for us: Bundle up at night, it’s cold in the wilds!


Katie is on a serious roll this month! She and Myra are here- ever see an Archer that is a cheetah? IMG_7908

How about an adorable scarlet zebra? Myra and company!



Now we’ve had repeat action, but this time we have a repeat pattern from last year- Amity is working her way thru the animal kingdom, 1 Giorgio at a time!


As you know, I am partial to a particular wild beastie- the dachshund. So is MaciNic and not only is her taste in dogs excellent- so is her print style!


For safety, I know you shouldn’t try to pet a cheetah or her kitten, but could you resist giving one of these  a stroke? Purple velvet and cheetah! Thanks Cari!!!!


Its scarf time! Heather and Nanna made predator infinity scarves! I demand that you go and see them!!!! What are you waiting for?


Photo credits: meadhawg, pattern review, Patty, Sharon, Katie,  Lolita Patterns, MaciNic, Cari .     All images remain the property of their original owners.