Meanwhile, back at the Safari base-


I just can’t let this happy time go! I’ve loved all the friends and the fun and the fierce! Let’s see some more, with a literary accompaniments!


She-Tiger patiently watches,
In shadows,
Dark concealing realm,
Green eyes pierce nights,
Blackening shroud.

Marianne welcome!!! I love that jacket!


Ever weary, seeking motions,
Beware the bush itself seems,
To come alive,
Beneath moonlights twilight mists,
Heavy foot steps cautiously,

Elle The mighty Swap-zebra emerges!!! Yes, I’m jealous!


Traveling along a carnalistic path,
Deaths servant stalks it’s prey.
Revealing raw natures twisted fate,
In her flashing gaze, ageless,
Wisdom lies,
This huntress most majestic.

Ebi– I think this is your moment!! Go baby, go!


Sleek jungle mistress, fearlessly,

This year facebook entered the jungle and new stylish friends were made! Yvonne:


Forgotten trails cutting,
Edges unyielding,
Patrolling vast wilderness.
Drink deeply clear waters purity,
No other creature dares,
Come near thee.

Elaine is back!! She is making a serious jungle migration of style!


Forests chameleon, hidden,
Amongst bamboo thickets.
Camouflages golden blends,
Are parted,
By divisions striped bands.

NIc– you are bringing us some very cool vibes!

Feeding legacies future brood.
Crowns glorious jewels,
Young cubs at play,
Learning life’s lessons to be,
Remembered someday.

Kate and her herd is back!


Rough dull stones at first,
Finely polished y age,
One day they’ll sparkle,
Under sunshine’s rays.
Royalties queen, stands tall,
Upon prides rock,
Surveying an evergreen,

You know those scenes in the adventure movies where the plane has to leave or all of humanity will be destroyed? But you love the team member left behind and you weep along with the survivors until you see that no, of course thy made it! Of course they are in the jeep enjoying the group hug and heroic glow of a job well done? Well, I’d like to say I planned such a thing, but I just missed one. But lets play along shall we?  To spare my embarrassment, mkay? Good.

Hey, everybody! It’s Kate!!! How could we party without her?


Photo credits: Ebi, Nic, Katie, Elaine, Elle, Kate. all images remain the property of the original owners.
*poetry by Cheryl Dunn

In the Jungle, the modish jungle…..


Buckle in folks- we have much to see! Lots of friends to visit- some familiar and some new! Anna– take it away! While that giraffe distracts you, can I just rifle thru your stash and maybe sneak some things away, please????


Pia‘s stash overflows most stylishly! Don’t you think? I always love her combinations!


Andie has such a great name for her blog- got to love a gal with a John  Hughes vibe! Especially when she has little fluffy mitts!


Fresh from Facebook and into our hearts this year is Elaine– the Demented Fairy!



Now, I was hoping that a certain Mother-Daughter duo would sneak up on us at the watering hole and here they are! Cari and Guiny! Rock on Ladies!


Now, Lizzy– don’t be mad- I like this pic- even if it isn’t your favorite! Ziggi Tiger combo for the win!


Sometimes you see the least expected rare beauties on a safari!! Trivia: what is the fastest land animal? Material Ladies in zebra!


Ok, I picked this pic for my own personal amusement- and also, to further remind everyone that the real fun is on the blogs posted! So if you want to see more animal print loving Time Lord action- go see!


Fadanista is double dipping for us today! I insist that you go to the blog to see that she is jungle all the way to her…..core.


In the interest of science I bring you- a Kat/leopard/snail fusing of fabulousness!!! Where’s the leopard? I’ll never tell!

Hey Kat-

Did you enjoy Jungle January and the SWAP?

‘But of course! Both are fabulous, dah-ling! And I await next January with eager anticipation – in fact, I’m already eyeing up my stash to see which little animals are gonna jump out at me, demanding to be made….’


Swap Updates!!!!!

Lara and Liz are showing off their new pelts!


Liz will not be outdone! She’s already sewing hers!  The zebra muse was upon her, obviously.


Now, fear not- little Jungle Hoppers! We aren’t done until I say we’re done!!! So keep ’em coming as long as you want to!!


photo credits:Andie, Anna, Elaine, Thornberry, Liz, Lizzy, Cari, meadhawg, Fandanista, Pia, Kat   All images remain the property of their original owners.

Another Day in the Fabulous Jungle!


Ah, the tropical breezes have blown more friends over to say ‘hi’ today as we watch the Jungle Parade. Katie D is my special guest this morning- welcome Katie!

While we wait for our first bit of ferociousness to pass, let’s make idle truly unplanned conversation, shall we? Katie, What draws you to the fabrics you choose? Do you seek the fabric before the pattern selection?
I’m drawn to so many things about a fabric. Color, print, fiber content – they all come into play when I am choosing. I nearly always start with the fabric and let it talk to me. Since so many of my fabric purchases are online, I’m sometimes surprised by a fabric’s hand or drape, and something that was going to be a tee shirt suddenly becomes a skirt when I have my hands on it.
I’m like that too- when the fabric leads me, I sew better!
Here comes Elena looking stylish and cozy! She is most fierce on her blog!


Lynn brings us science I can get behind!


I love exploration that involves gorgeous color and print! So see her full report!
Inge mustn’t stand too close to Lynn- I’m not sure if the Flamingo and the space pea-leopard are on good terms- but I want them both in my closet!!!

Mrs Mole, welcome to the command tower! I see you brought along the Alabama/Serengeti connection- brava!!!


How does animal print or animals themselves make you feel in regards to your style? “I feel powerful and fun wearing animal prints…wish I had more…have to make more this year…grrrrr”

When I think tropical luciousness- I think Coco! Breezy, lovely Coco!


If you are anxiously clutching your Siegfried and Roy calendar and worried that our time is almost through-

lillian g

relax– we’ll be back with more spotted carpet action and a roundup post and a swap report!
Here’s a peek at the Lyn B’s completed Swap- DVF GRRRRR!


The Amazing Animal Parade!

My inbox growled all weekend! I love it!!!

Shall we pass the binoculars around? Ever see a Gator Skater? Show ’em Amy!


I want this fabric- I want this dress!!! Welcome aboard Ida Aida  I’m loving your blog.


I love this picture so much, Jean Margaret!!!! Extra points for location shots!!

MD Edith 2k

Beajay– this fabric is drool-worthy!!! Can I prowl in your garden- it looks quite lush. Will i find that rhino there?


Now, let’s dim the lights around the watering hole and get cozy, shall we? Ruth– you are a wonder! I thought I saw some panthers buying after shave this weekend- I wondered what was up!


Stay tuned for more and of course, the Spotted Carpet wrap up party!!!!


Whoa!!! We almost missed one! Hiding up ahead behind the rocks is a very Sarcastic beauty!  Oh, bother- I enlarged you and you are blurry- well, that means you must run over and read the review!!


photo credits: youtube, Almond Rock, Ruth, Jean mArgaret, Ida Aida, Beajay  All images remain the property of their original owners.

Saturday along the Serengeti!

Shhhhhh- the animals are going to sleep! Grab your pillow and admire Leila of Grow your own clothes cozy jammie time togs!

Cinnaspice used one of my favorite patterns in a new way- grrrrrr!Happy Anniversary indeed!

Minerva Crafts hit my radar with some help from Twitter this week- expect to see me at the feed store in this little number:


Anna always finds fabric that I want to steal! This dress is no exception!It also marks our first elephant sighting! No, offense, Anna- I meant the print- you are perfection!


Char is confronting the cold with a sassy layer of slither! I need a bow blouse now, Char! Extra points for the short-legged companion!


Linda, you have a quite a way with cats, I see! Much purring here……

HOT SHOPPING TIP!!! Leila revealed her sassy fabric source to me- check this out! If you can beat me to it all!
Did you all see the new Vogues? I like ‘em!! Let’s have a look, shall we?

Hmm….how about some fabric suggestions? with Lowpricefabrics help:


How about a predator peplum? with more from

vogue 9084

Ok, one more! Leia, Baby- you are spending my grocery money fast with your Michael Levine link!!!


Photo credits: Minerva Crafts, Vogue Paterns, Michael Levin, youtube, Cinnaspice, Leila, Linda, Char, Anna.   All images remain the property of their original owners.

The Catwalk bites back!

pool j

This week I had hoped to finally get that trash novel-writing strumpet off of my back by finally publishing her 5 part interview, ‘The Beast I have within- a sisters journey in Cougarville’ but alas, Jackie- the sewists have come on strong and the only knicker flinging tales this day will be supplied by Ruth!!! Oh, how our little kitten has grown claws!


Leila might not be wearing any underpants at all, but who cares- look at her pouncing predator skirt!


Ready for the opposite end of the skirt extremes? Rachel is ready to woo the CEO in her cheetah pencil skirt refashion!


Gracious! I think all these Collins girls have my mind running in a more frisky mode! Jackie, I asked you to leave- now you go- we don’t have time for you!Put that manuscript back in your purse!!


Take your sister with you! She’s drinking up all the gin!


Now this is more like it! Welcome to the Jungle Susie! Love the top! The scenery isn’t bad either- oh, excuse me, Sir, I didn’t mean to offend…..


Oh, girls, come on back- I can’t stay mad at your little Patsy and Edina selves!


photo credits: pinterest, Vanity Fair, Ruth, Susie, Leila, Rachel. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Fashionably Fierce!


Let us pack tightly against the windows of our safari vehicle today! I will turn up the speakers so we can swing from limb to limb and enjoy!

We have many wonderful sights to behold! This week the sewing community has done the jungle most proud with its art and creativity!
Up on the right is our first model- Valerie and her vivacious V-neck Alder! I’m becoming quite a fan of zebra!


Ready for a Rumble in the Jungle- with the fair Fiona? Fiona is!


By the by- I’m loving all the verbage and creativity coming in this year! Everyone is stylish and clever!!! My love of animal print stems from a love of animals- they are beautiful examples of God’s care and design. This next make is very dear to me- I’d so pleased to see the vision Carolyn found deep in the forest! I will say no more but….. Ribbit, ribbit!!


Jay sewed up a very touchable top for her daughter- lucky girl!I hope in my little twisted heart that she wears pink boots with this…..


Raesmom on PatternReview has me feeling pique envy!Thanks for letting me share!


Ever see the elusive and charming gir-poodle? Be afraid! Be very afraid! It gets excellent traction on hard woods or garden areas! Thanks Tia!


We are going giraffe to giraffe today- enjoying the tender upper leaves and serenity- check out these jeans! I’m really loving how subtle they are. Show uis your stuff, Elizabeth!


photo credits: Pattern Review, Valerie, Mezzocouture, Fiona, Jay,  Elizabeth. All images remain the property of their original owners.