Wearable Wednesday maison-rabih-kayrouz

It’s ok Rhoda- come on out. We’re here to help. 

Gentle readers- do you know a model who is suffering from abuse at the hands of a bad designer?

Do they lack the will to stand upright and say ‘no. That’s not a dress! I won’t wear it!’

Do they suffer back and neck pain trying desperately to get their face out of frame during photo shoots?

Do you worry that they are hiding the matching belt for possible suicide attempts? 

Do they suffer from excessive high waist chafing?

Do they feel weak and helpless in their dayglo textile shrouds?

Well, at least if they sit over a vent their dress will make jiffy pop!

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Vika Gazinskaya

dont you hate style bloggers who do the ‘its a skirt! add a belt- its a sassy day to night party dress! knot the upper back and its a triceritops!’

No seriously Betty- just add bust darts and it will really come together-

Cold shoulder, ruffles, halter neck! Score!It’s a trend trifecta!!

Arlene- you had better be using a coaster on my Biedermeier!?

Yes, Honoria- I’ve even brought extras…

The first 100 people who can show me their copy of The Mccalls version from 1992 get a groupon coupon for the resort collection!

Please join my celestial husband and I for the sabbath meal. My sister wife Hester is bringing her tatertot surprise!

I’ve never seen a trench coat that made me this sad. Flappy sad. 

I am so over puddle drapes for formal dining rooms.

Vera! The bra stuffing goes INSIDE the cups!!!

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday MuiMui

Oh mercy upon us!? Are they remaking Herbie the Love Bug again?

Something tells me the male flight crew doesn’t have to wear bubble rompers!?

  Kanye manned the BBQ all weekend in this little number:

Private Benjamin approves.

Damnit, I like this blouse.

Riff Randall is this years muse apparently-

Ok, this fabric is too fun! We’d better stick on some plush elephant ears to bring it down a bit.

Linda moonlights as a waterproof picnic area-

Crash test dummy chic:

The return of polyester triple knit!

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Dondup

Designers are faced with so many fiscal issues now. They must diversify! Dondup exemplifies this with their new KFC uniform collection:

Also designing the 2017 tour costumes for Kid Rock:

Parochial school uniforms for St Parsimmonious: 

Safety tip Ladies- store your wallet in the fly zipper area- then you can clutch it in public and look offputting to strangers:

Ms Winslow, our gym coach  was really effected by her Easter break trip to Tijuana.

Not one to make idle threats- Wandas mother told her if she didn’t pull those pants up she’d make her wear 2 pairs!

There is no happy medium in Dondup suit land:

Photo credits: vogue. Com

Wearable Wednesday Vivetta

Im so glad Daniel Radcliffe has found more work!

This collection is all liverwurst and bananas for me. Things I like in small amounts but not near each other. 

Legs- those are legs. Evil clown blouse with disembodied legs.

I hate the underwear waistbands. Yech. But I think I hate the weird decorative napkin folding blouse more. 

The latest in incontinence chic!

Hey! Louis xiv called- he wants his slippers back!  Oh Land o lakes I am a funny girl! 

Giant office supplies will give the model a precious elfin look- trust me! I know things!

Paloma vowed to stand on Diegos porch until the entire Fellini collection had played and he tried to leave with that slut Alba!

Are those water pumps? Is that why the pockets are waterproof? No. That implies thought and planning. 

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Vilshenko

This collection feels like it was inspired by Natassia Kinski visiting her therapist at the Dakota:

Oh, Dr Feldstein, I want a pony!

Ariel was asked to find another therapist after it was discovered that it was she that kept stealing the window sheers.

Lulu found the cacti to be kindred spirits to her warmth. 

Saffronia set fire to her stepmothers fur vault and refused to sit like a lady.

Pansy was a wallflower that refused to consider blooming.

Muriel convinced her twin that she was an only child. 

Harriet ran naked thru her grandmothers DAR charity tea and no one noticed.


Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Hellessy

The models here!

Oh good job Phil- she looks really lifelike. 

Let’s do the indoor photos first- before she defrosts. 

Phil! I told you to get a fresh one! Look she’s starting to slump already!?

Well the budget didn’t call for that! It’s no big deal- we’ll splint her- 

Really Phil? You think this is working? Don’t pull to the left so hard!

Fine. I’ll just put her there and you can wait while I get the harness. 

Better? I knew it would work-

Ugh, Phil she’s dropping on the rented rug. Don’t worry- I’ll prop a fan in the cuffs. 

Photo credits: vogue.com