Wearable Wednesday Marques’ Almeida

Ringo Starr wore this for 4 straight months before the intervention.


Gee, while your randomly cutting the sleeve edges, why not lop off another 4 inches so she can scratch her nose?


Damn it Mom, I’m not cold- why do I have to wear your stupid car coat?! You.Are.Soooo.Embarassing.


My Brothers astronaut GI Joe had the same pants….


Boy friend jeans….if your boyfriend is Raggedy Andy…


She’s two coffin liners and a hide-a-bed fighting for control….


After the incident on Porcupine Peak, Strawberry Shortcake went to a dark place….


Anybody else want to get between me and the cupcake tower?


We get it, Sybil, you got playoff tickets by sleeping with a ref…..


Mourning becomes Oompa-Loompas…..


Oh Camille, you jiffy-pop strumpet!


I have no words.


Did you think I could ignore the shoes forever?  Yeah, right.



photo credits: vogue.com


Wearable Wednesday Norma Kamali

Ok, we’re all set- Earl, start the fans, ok?

Earl- add another fan- this is alright, but I want more movement. 

Maybe just one more. My vision involves more dervish, less static. 

Earl! Catch her dress! It’s a loaner! Crap! This may be too much wind!?
Come toward me Betheny! I’ll grab you as soon as you are out of frame! It’s ok! I’m here! 
Earl! Weight the purses! Hold her leg! She’s going to fly off! Damn it Earl!!!
She’s lost her sleeve! Run toward the net Andie! We won’t let you hit the fan!thats great Earl! Keep ahold of her waistband! We won’t lose this one!Wait Girls! We need to put the weights in your shoes! 

Hello Tim Gunn? We are gonna need some bigger models…..photo credits- vogue.com. All images remain the property of the original images.

Wearable Wednesday Whyred

Fine, Mom. I wore a bra for the college interview.Happy now, establishment drone??

Amateur models- you have to spell everything out. No, the blue is the new duvet for my pekidoodles  travel bed! You’re supposed to wear the stuff on the hanger!

Oh don’t make that face! I wasn’t being critical, I was just wondering if maybe it was supposed to be like that- oh, don’t be so sensitive Phoebe!?

All I said was the other outfit seemed a little revealing- you’ve made your point- you can take off a layer or two- gees a Dickie, really? So sensitive, Becky….

Look, just keep moving- if you stop, they land on you!


Cedric, I said not now! Can’t you see I’m in the middle of a swarm situation??

Photo credits: vogue.com

Sartorial Screenings 3- The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown!

In the true spirit of Howard Hughes film technique-plot will be sacrificed here for gratuitous shots of Jane- who’s nightgown really isn’t all that fuzzy, sadly.

Alright, buckle up and have your popcorn ready, this is a doozy!


Laurel is a  major star! An independent woman who rules her own destiny and loves cigarette pants- as all powerful women do! She knows her worth and packages it accordingly! Let’s play a game, shall we? Let’s count how many times Jane has to blow or suck on something in the first five minutes to establish her character development, shall we?


Laurels new film is a glorious historically accurate sex romp thru the Bourbon period. Her last film was mostly tequila based, so this is a nice change for her. Her producer and studio boss are very excited about this film loosely based on the life of St Catherine.


Laurel is torqued off because her bath tub scene got cut by the censors for not meeting their ‘suds to bazooms ratio’.


Look it up kiddies- it’s a thing! Laurel refuses to come to the opening tonight until that calgon orgy is put back in. She knows art and how to sell it! Grandeur studios was built on Laurel Stevens bust! Seriously- they’ve been able to expand 3 times in 5 years!


Meet- aw, heck, I forgot her name. She’s a retired actress who provides sassy yet loving candor to Laurel in exchange for light housework and getting to eat anything in the fridge. Lets call her Maureen. She is wearing a fabulous belt! laurel is dressing for the opening- but slowly- so we can see her fabulous movie star home- look at all the ficus!


Laurel uses this scene to explain to Maureen that sex appeal is a tool and that you don’t  need a man- it’s all career and fancy lamps! Oh, phone call!


Ok, off we go- time to hit the premiere and dazzle the masses!   What could go wrong?


You will NEVER believe this! A nefarious man is waiting to abscond with Laurel! What a thing to do on the opening night of The Kidnapped Bride!!


Meet Mike and Dandy: an ex-con and his friend who believes in his good heart. They are kidnapping Laurel to get money to start over. I’m not sure they’re a couple, but maybe.


Meanwhile- the producers are being grilled by the faux Hedda Hopper about Laurel and whether or not they are cheesy enough to stage a ‘napping on the night of the premiere! But they are as shocked and upset as soulless studio people can be.


Laurel is forced to put on this lovely velvet cape by her kidnappers. Seriously- whats up with this? It doesn’t conceal her or keep her from seeing her whereabouts or anything- were they just worried about her getting a cold? Do they want to kidnap one of the 7 dancing princesses?


Well, when they arrive at the hideout- Laurel makes a brave escape attempt and her druid cape impedes her- maybe there was a point after all.


Laurel is carried into the house and forced to listen to Dandy unveil the plot!


Oh, you two are twisted weasels! They have truly creepy plans indeed! Dandy is going to force Laurel to wear this Lanz nightgown and play a frisky game of ‘what big _____ you have’ with them. She’s going to need so much therapy after this- you know Patty Hearst was given a very similar nightie in plaid. Look it up.   12

Laurel soon realized that not only is Mike evil- he thinks he’s Perry Como! It’s now time for the sensitive exposition talk about how Mike was an innocent man framed by the justice system and now he is marked for life and can’t do anything but continue down the perditious path. Poor Mike.


Meanwhile- Laurel, ever the professional, is practicing for her next movie- where she plays a high wire artist with Rory Calhoun- ‘Cleavage under the Big Top’…..

15  16  This film has it all, suspense, athletics, early American furniture….

Meanwhile Maureen finds evidence that Laurel couldn’t have left of her own free will and rushes to show the studio guys!


Laurel tries all of her best wiles to get her Perry Como impersonating abductor to release her. She nearly throw out her back trying to saunter in his dead Grandmothers negligee but they are hardened er, desperate criminals!



Mike the excon had to register with his parole officer and was smart enough to leave the hideout as an address. When Detective McBride shows up to check on Mike- who he believed was innocent all along, but still a ne’er-do-well, Laurel tries out her expansive lung capacity on him-

IMG_8476.JPG Wow- that was close! luckily Mike keeps her from escaping and locks her in the ‘Young Brides 4 piece all mahogany look veneer bedroom suite’.

IMG_8568But she is always listening…..


Over a strangely long period of time for a public figure to be missing and only noticed by 4 people, Laurel, Mike and Dandy form a bond and enjoy long walked on the beach, toast and wearing each others clothes and wigs.



They decorate their tiny display Christmas tree and do all the other things one routinely does with their kidnapper. Yes, they paint each others nails alot.


At last the deal is made with the studio to ransom Laurel using a price by the pound. The ransom will be delivered and Mike and Dandy will go off to Mexico! By now, The faux Hedda cannot be put off- she knows something is up! So does detective Mcbride and oh, it’s about to all get crazy and misunderstandings will commence!


But what about Mike? He isn’t really a kidnapper- he’s misunderstood. What about Dandy? He’s just a low-level airport worker that wants to go to Mexico. If they take the money, they’re really crooks and what about Laurel? What about how she feels about Mike? What about Dandy and how I’m thinking he feels about Mike in the novel, but was edited it out of the film by the uptight Hays board?


Now it’s Christmas day and Dandy has a gift for Laurel- no it’s not another nightgown- it’s a really odd purchase for a bachelor man to bring his hostage, but hey, Dandy- you be you!


Oh, whats that noise? It’s a car, possibly the police or the neighborhood watch coming for Dandy!


Oh, carollers. That was close!


Well, the big day arrives- Maureen has all the money in a very generic suitcase and Dandy has his generic swap suitcase ready- he is ready to make the drop as they say.

But second thoughts are brewing all around. Mike- about becoming the thing he has denied for so long- a criminal.

Laurel- about being used by the studio like she is just a commodity! But she has no doubts about the fabulous lacy catsuit with chiffon skirting that Dandy bought her- it’s delish!

33No, we can’t do this! We must stop Dandy! Time for a madcap chase thru the streets in a stolen police car!!

IMG_9030They find Dandy in the breakroom- abusing the companies generous break policy- Dandy is the reason minimum wage is so low.

IMG_9048.JPGThe police arrive and so does Maureen and the studio people! Fire laws are clearly not followed and they are going to arrest Mike and Dandy! Oh no! Think Laurel, think!

IMG_9054.JPGLaurel announces that it was all her idea and the boys are her publicity team! The suitcase is full of old newspaper and a stray girl scout uniform that Dandy can’t explain, but nothing criminal in most states! Yay! Laurel and Mike will be together forever and Dandy will live with them until they find out. Ah, love.


photo credits: little me, with an Amazon assist. All images remain the property of the original owner.



Wearable Wednesday Avtandil

Ok, who pissed off Ellen Burstyn?


Remember that scene in Pretty in Pink where Andi makes her prom dress out of 3 old horse blankets?


I get the matching your belt and bag, but I didn’t know about the eyeshadow and shoe lace connection. OOOOH! I can see their man berries!!


Honestly, I’m just happy to know opaque fabric still exists?!


She was a woman of many facets….none of them tasteful.


Weirdest pregnancy announcement ever.


No. This is not the droid I was looking for.


Photo credits: vogue.com. All images remain the property of the original owner.



Wearable Wednesday Ria Keburia

Psst- Krissy- the tank top goes under the alpaca midi to avoid chafing!!

I miss Helena, but I’m glad Tim Burton is dating again.

Don’t feed your chia pet after midnight!

Saddest nesting doll ever!

Please explain….no. Just don’t. Just give her a spin.

Is that a tattoo of a skull wearing a butterfly mask? No fair- I’ll bet the models would have loved masks!

Is that the guy from Human League??

Photo credits: vogue.com.all images remain the property of the original owners.


Simplicity 1884 goes to a book sale!

This is a ‘big fish’ story. You know the ones? The most amazing thing happened! I caught a giant mermaid and let it go- honestly- it happened- Bill Murray helped me haul it into the boat- we’re buds! I swear!

Last week was the giant amazing fabulous used book sale in Greenville and I’ve been preparing for months! Auditioning tote bags, making lists, clearing shelf space. Preparing the husband with author flash cards so he can dive when he sees a particular book.

Elizabeth George: Inspector Thomas Lynley!

It’s a book sale not for the faint of heart.

My Outfit- after much consideration, I went sleeveless. Simplicity 1884:

I’ve made this one before- its comfortable and quick- I love a pattern that has minimal front and back seams so my gaudy fabrics aren’t too diced up. I skip the bow and added a wise owl- for my smarty-pants book sale theme.

1884 6

Another plus- no dangling sleeves to create drag while book shopping. I need full arm extension and rabbit punch moves!  No excess fabric for other shoppers to grab at and haul you away from the prize tomes. 3/4 tunic length so no time waisted hauling  it down over my hips after I body slam and use an old lady as a pommel horse to get to a pristine Deanna Raybourn!

Book shoppers at this sale are not those sweet sleepy book club ladies that just want to talk about Edward and Bella. These chicks are hardcore!

1884 3

Hell hath no fury like a spinster with a wheelie cart defending her Janet Oake books from attack. It’s not for sissies, folks. Elbows are sharp and flying at the large print Nicholas Sparks table.
So why is this a fish story? I forgot the bleeding camera!? So only a few phone shots are available- nothing of little me looking lovely.

So you must listen to me  tell you of my battle scars- the way I hyper-extended my arm like Mrs incredible to reach the only copy of a Gore Vidal I didn’t have. The way I vaulted across the table and dive caught a Michael Connelly just as the guy with his t-shirt tucked into his sweatpants dropped it.

1884 5

Well, the siege lasted 2 hours- from the time the volunteer greeted us  (in my mind he really said,’At my signal, unleash hell’) to our exit- bloodied and with spoils  rivaled only by a Mongol raiding party! This is from my phone:

Here’s Bruder- he is pretending he is me at the noir table:

He gets me. He does.

1884 4


The to-read shelf is most happy now.
Photo credits: little me, pattern review. All images remain the property of the original owners.