Wearable Wednesday Ria Keburia

Psst- Krissy- the tank top goes under the alpaca midi to avoid chafing!!

I miss Helena, but I’m glad Tim Burton is dating again.

Don’t feed your chia pet after midnight!

Saddest nesting doll ever!

Please explain….no. Just don’t. Just give her a spin.

Is that a tattoo of a skull wearing a butterfly mask? No fair- I’ll bet the models would have loved masks!

Is that the guy from Human League??

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Simplicity 1884 goes to a book sale!

This is a ‘big fish’ story. You know the ones? The most amazing thing happened! I caught a giant mermaid and let it go- honestly- it happened- Bill Murray helped me haul it into the boat- we’re buds! I swear!

Last week was the giant amazing fabulous used book sale in Greenville and I’ve been preparing for months! Auditioning tote bags, making lists, clearing shelf space. Preparing the husband with author flash cards so he can dive when he sees a particular book.

Elizabeth George: Inspector Thomas Lynley!

It’s a book sale not for the faint of heart.

My Outfit- after much consideration, I went sleeveless. Simplicity 1884:

I’ve made this one before- its comfortable and quick- I love a pattern that has minimal front and back seams so my gaudy fabrics aren’t too diced up. I skip the bow and added a wise owl- for my smarty-pants book sale theme.

1884 6

Another plus- no dangling sleeves to create drag while book shopping. I need full arm extension and rabbit punch moves!  No excess fabric for other shoppers to grab at and haul you away from the prize tomes. 3/4 tunic length so no time waisted hauling  it down over my hips after I body slam and use an old lady as a pommel horse to get to a pristine Deanna Raybourn!

Book shoppers at this sale are not those sweet sleepy book club ladies that just want to talk about Edward and Bella. These chicks are hardcore!

1884 3

Hell hath no fury like a spinster with a wheelie cart defending her Janet Oake books from attack. It’s not for sissies, folks. Elbows are sharp and flying at the large print Nicholas Sparks table.
So why is this a fish story? I forgot the bleeding camera!? So only a few phone shots are available- nothing of little me looking lovely.

So you must listen to me  tell you of my battle scars- the way I hyper-extended my arm like Mrs incredible to reach the only copy of a Gore Vidal I didn’t have. The way I vaulted across the table and dive caught a Michael Connelly just as the guy with his t-shirt tucked into his sweatpants dropped it.

1884 5

Well, the siege lasted 2 hours- from the time the volunteer greeted us  (in my mind he really said,’At my signal, unleash hell’) to our exit- bloodied and with spoils  rivaled only by a Mongol raiding party! This is from my phone:

Here’s Bruder- he is pretending he is me at the noir table:

He gets me. He does.

1884 4


The to-read shelf is most happy now.
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Wearable Wednesday Steinrohner

Ramona was a mood dresser- today was prickly.

Ellen’s aversion to plastic made her the designers least favorite model.

When it’s cold out, but still want everyone to know you’re available-

Yay! The Project Runway industrial tarp challenge!

This gives me a tropical depression.

Turn the music up, Dave- these outfits are squeaky!

Ok, so we don’t need to teach lining OR hemming anymore. Nice.

Oh, Wanda. This is not a valid statement about safe sex.

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Wearable Wednesday Fendi

Be your own picnic!

The bridesmaids at the gingerbread mans wedding:

We have not been praying hard enough if this waistband is coming back. Who dropped the ball??

Mrs Patmore- the gamine years:

I want a tribble sensory trench!

Honoria does an awkward walk of shame in the Steinmarts Christmas tree skirt display area-

Well, we know what Kanya is wearing to the grocery this weekend…

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Wearable Wednesday Rachel Comey

George- you and Eric start bussing tables- I’m getting threatening looks from the ladies waiting for a table-

Leather culottes sounds like a really bad euphemism to me.

I want this coat!!
Eton rethinks relaxing the dress code.

No, I forbid this to become a thing. Save this look for coffins and curtains, please.

Coming this fall- widowed sister wives move to Boca in a Golden Girls reboot you won’t want to miss!

I wish this jacket was more cropped- but it already reminds me of the bathroom signs at our local Mexican restaurant…’Gauchos’ & ‘Boleros’…..

Ok, pretend you are a melancholy charm bracelet!


Wearable Wednesday Balmain

Bond villainesses have been waiting for this collection!!

Come on, can anyone wear afghan pants without chafing? I chafe at the very notion.

These are very dramatic, I’ll say that. Perfect for announcing that You know who killed Sebastian!

I’ve never seen sheer wood grain before….I can see her….knots

Mr Bond- we are here to disarm you- 

(Insert Roger Moore triple entendre!)

These slit pants are for erotic nights playing the cello, right?

Now how are we going to convince that Kardashian girl to leave the house in more than just a jacket after seeing this!?

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remain the property of the original owners.

Butterick 5816 No zippidee, lots of doodah.

It is hard to get dressed in the summer. The effort of layering leaves me numb and spent. I like easy flowy tops and a vague feeling of dress pants below. So I go on a floaty top sewing spree every July. I cut out 4 at Fathers today- to the accompaniment of a WW1 documentary.

Before that I revisited an old friend- Butterick 5816- OOP!


My other version is D- but I have a non-functional zipper aversion.Maybe it was too much time in the 80’s trying to look like Boogaloo Shrimp. Maybe I just hate metal near my skin- unless it’s this MCQueen dress that doubles as a nursing ensemble- which I think needs decorative zipper pulls-


This just seems uncomfortable and a potential tushy pincher!


I know it can be lovely, it’s just not for me.

So I edited the shoulder panels to skip it and added a row of decorative coral charms. Cuz I usually can use more charms than I naturally possess?!

This time I did not even think about it, I went right to the decorative trim along the seam and headed out to get some nicely over-expose pictures on the way to Fathers for lunch.


This landmark has been on my blog pic plan for a long time. Little did I know it was a Pokémon stop and everyone would slow to a crawl as they passed it. No, that’s not intimidating or uncomfortable for this chubby introvert!


Usually I bring you nothing useful, I may break my streak here- I’ve discovered the joys of adding a little line of fusible webbing between facing and garment on back necklines, so I don’t end up with the back ‘walk of shame lobster bib’ hanging out of the back if I’m not careful.


This is one of the rare pieces of fabric I got a Hancock- usually I just pillaged the patterns and shopped at Fabricmart! Yesterday we hitched up the buggy and drove into the big city to go to the Jo Ann’s. Heart sinking. Not very excited by the fabric. Maybe it’s between seasons, maybe I’m just too weird!

Should you be totally enamored of this classic Anderson setting, enjoy this link to a free jigsaw puzzle of the property! http://www.jigidi.com/jigsaw-puzzle/GLXS0212/Rankin-s-Grocery-Anderson-SC


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