Judgement Days

She’s judging me. I feel it in her cold, naked stare. I try not to make eye contact- should be easy, she has no head, right? But you don’t know me so well yet.I could attract guilt in an empty room. It’s just my nature.
Every morning this month I have passed the sewingroom and seen her there- invisible hands on hips, scowl. She is a needy idol and must be provided with offerings. Where are the muslin drapings and bias cuts I should be kneeling before her and adjusting? The fancy trims, pearls and other trendy geegaws she craves?
I’d better get in there and start making amends. So last night I started a new project: Simplicity 2180 in a fun green floral challis- whimsical but dainty- just like me (cough,cough) …………we shall see if either of us is pleased.

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