What’s a delicate Flower to do?

Before you is the Sunset Cooler ala Virgin- it’s only 9:24 and I already think it is too hot to go out- unless I am sitting under an awning with my sweetie at a particular venue involving pixie-dust and people watching. So, I adjourn to the sewingroom to work on this weeks (multiple weeks perhaps?) project!

Simplicity 2180-   To sleeeve or not to sleeve? That is the question!  The pattern  calls for poufy 3-quarter sleeves but that makes it a ‘finish me, hang me in the closet and forget I exist for 4 months’  kind of frock. I am too instant gratification for such nonsense, but  no sleeve is too extreme I’m thinking for this one- what if the Pope visits the neighborhood and there I am in a sleeveless schmatta looking like the local flooz????

So a hybrid capsleeve to the rescue!

Twiggy, you lucky dressform-  you may even get a skirt for this today!

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