The facade is up!

Simplicity 2180 rolls along-  even if Liesl is less than impressed. I have the waistband attached- I must not think about the bra that is needed to wear this dress without looking like one of those women my Mother is upset by- I’ll cross that cantilevered bridge when I come to it.  The front of the skirt is attached- but just the front. I imagine that the Vera Bradley wing of the Mayo Clinic has a lot of patients wearing similiar togs as they roam the halls. Yup, no backsies. But soon, soon. The elephant in the room can no longer be avoided. No, silly- Liesl is a dachshund- they are shorter. I mean it is time to start little me’s very first invisible zipper. Oh, the fraught nerves! The tension. I consulted the world wide web this morning and found lots of advise- also lots of things to help me avoid the zipper conundrum.  Such as this: Did you know Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall wore her Will and Kate wedding ensemble to the first day of Ascot? I admire your thrift and it was pretty, but Cammie- too soon!


 Ok, back to the scary zipper! I have resigned myself for my date with Coats and Clark destiny- tomorrow, as soon as I get home from  work- I will brace myself for the showdown in the sewingroom. For God, Country and a better looking finished project!

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