Get Mertz and Squirrel!

Do you see that long face? It  says it all. Bruderlein is tired of watching me wrestle with Simplicity 2180! The dress is technically  finished, but the strong urge to wad it up into a tiny, neat bundle and stuff up in a drawer in the attic  and pretend I never started it is very powerful!  This frisky tie back is just not  working on me! The back is wider than I am at the shoulders, so the tie back really has to be effective.  The real problem esthetically- other than my impressive display of little cutlets of back fat is that it  creates tiny wings at the side backs. Both distracting and unflattering- my favorite wardrobe combo!

Behold! The Floral Flying Squirrel!  

So I’m not giving  up, but the back has got to be altered and possible made more wind resistant. I’m just not sure what to do at this moment, tapering perhaps?   So stay tuned for more adventures of :

Ethel Mertz, Floral Flying Squirrel!

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