Burda 7695 Baby Doll Beginnings

Well, I’m onto another pretty thing! I saw this lovely dress on Pattern Review and thought, ‘Hmmm,  that is Annelicious,’  the highest score this judge can offer!  I’m becoming a huge fan of Burda patterns- their website is fun, the designs are really frisky and all so undaunting. So I have chosen a challis in primrose- don’t believe the picture- the lighting would have you believe I stitch by candle light like a Belgian nun. The color is very light, making the jacobean-ish pattern really pop.  While I’m declaring random fanhood-  I’m also a big fan of challis- it flows, it dances, it is soft and girly. Perfect for a babydoll dress, don’t you think?  This one has a small hurdle. The draw string waist detail works with 4 little buttonholes. My button hole foot is not my best friend. The relationship is more like someone I go down unnecessary aisles in Target to avoid- preferring to look at depillitaries than risk a time consuming hello.  We will have to improve our love for eachother if this is going to work.

 I love the idea of having a fabric stash and a huge file of patterns for when the muse alights on me, but it always leads to ‘Ok, if we could just run into the fabric store for a minute- I don’t have a zipper, covered button kit, feather weight interfacing, ran out of thread, broke the last needle, etc. ‘  This time is is a project at a standstill for want of a 12″ primrose zipper.  I decided to not immediately hitch up the buggy and ride into town- I will make the decorative pockets, face that button holer and make sleeves. Since this isn’t a Vogue pattern, I should be ok- no surprise ‘add back facing before inverted train or watch project descend into chaos’ instructions!

I am of course hoping for a final product like this:

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