Haunted by Flying Squirrels?

So I have been thinking about the flying squirrel frock – ‘FSF’ for short, and just haven’t gotten to making the final adjustments and ok, fine, everyone has a stash of ‘non-quite there yets’ and UFO’s right? Well, the universe at Sew Weekly is conspiring  to make me get back to my Squirrel wrangling.

Exhibit A- http://www.sewweekly.com/2011/06/mtl-mint-floral-border-dress.html 

Yes! The pattern for the Make This look is Simplicity 2180! The number I cry out during bad dreams that involve falling and Scooby-Doo villians! Come on, give me a break- I swear I’ll get back to her!

Exhibit B- This weeks Sew Weekly project is ‘The Return of the UFO’s’ !

So I got in that sewingroom this morning did some work:

After unstitching the band tie from both sides up to the shoulders, I trimmed off  2″ and tapered it back into the facings.

The Viola moment!

So sfter I stitch it back together- no more Flying Squirrel!  My husband said that it would always be the Flying Squirrel Frock in his mind, an endearment rather than a label.

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