Joan, I’m a little mad at you.

So this weeks fashion police was mostly covering the sins of the BET awards, but Joan saved some serious mewling for Florence Welch in this 2011 Anna Sui frock from a Nylon event.



Silly Hat!

Oversized Chanel bag!

They even hated the shoes. Seriously? Am I nuts here? I have equal space on my private altar for Ms Sui and Ms Welch- I think they are both fabulous, so maybe I am a little biased. I am also a little teensy bit obsessed with border prints, so  go figure.

Now the reason some people are famous and I’m not is their unique style and view. If they looked and thought just like you and me, they’d be in the Bi-lo line with me on saturday night at 8:30 too- not at a Nylon event. So knocking them for having their own style is a bit silly. Unless it’s Pam Anderson, then game on.

Where is the love for this fabulous dress??

I admit the bag is a wee bit huge. Almost Olsen Twin- worthy. What is it with celebrities and the huge half empty purses? Did they all hear that Robert Pattinson has an improptu celebrity slumber party by red carpet invite only?  Would I have to park my little pony sleeping bag near Kristen Stewart? She really disturbs me.

Okey-dokey, sorry, back on point. Joan, you are so off here and I declare before the 3-5 people who read this that until Anna Sui puts out a Home Shopping Club collection, she probably won’t seek your sartorial advise either.

You go, Florence- and by the by- excellent choice to skip the runway knee socks. Or maybe you have those in the Chanel in case the Pattinson rumpus room runs to chilly.

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