Come on Anne, sew something!

Seriously, Zac- don’t look at me that way! I have been sewing! I’m ready to  report my very 1st Sew Weekly challenge entry! This week is American Apparel Designers (like you!) and I am ready- I love my new Burda babydoll dress- it reminds me of Betsey Johnson’s  2009 RTW show- ok, without the lavendar and turquiose page boy wigs and the bowler hats, but it is definitely reminiscent!

Alas, Mr Posen, the computer is a work in progress this week. The husband is making it over and it  is just not set up and I am not that clever! So the big reveal will be tomorrow.

In the interim, I’ve been working at my first Simplicity Lisette tunic- so loving this pattern!  Every time I turn around, someone has made one and I must have one too ! So pictures of that will follow also.

By the by, Mr Posen- I think your dachsie has cravat envy- maybe you get  him a little something- maybe in a foullard…..

Something lovely to share?

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