In praise of the Lisette!

Lisette- I love you! No, she’s not a french maid- she, or rather it- is a pattern series from Simplicity and I am totally hooked! Below is my very first attempt. A 4 hour marvel! Is she not precious? It’s hard top see in the picture but the front seams come straight down into the pocket openings- I added the hankie so you could hopefully see that detail. Deceptively simple!  I also used her as my very 1st ever Pattern Review entry! I predict I will have several of these in various sleeve lengths and fabric prints and lengths- she is too sweet! For the record, Mr B liked it too. He wasn’t  filled with the level of giddy that I was, but it still was a very positive response.- even tho I interrupted Yardcrashers to ask……

This is such a cutie I can already picture myself wearing this little number for dinner out at the California Grill. Ahhhhhhh.

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