Secret Confessions of a Dressform……

Twiggy has been in therapy- well, of course she has. What dressform doesn’t sneak off to see Dr Marmelstein now and again? I mean who could blame them? All the scrutiny, the deflected feelings of weight hostility projected on them. Ladies, it is not easy bearing the burden of all of little Anne’s figure issues!

A watershed moment has occured- per Dr Marmelstein, a doctor that has no respect for HIPPA , but looks great in tweed.

Twiggy has decided that she really isn’t Kate Moss-


She  is tired of trying to look ribby, tired of acting like her high school weight is her true self- she wants to release her inner Joan- as God intended!

So this weekend with the help of quilt batting, tape measure and pins, she is getting the remodel she so richly deserves for all of her fine service over the years. I’m still trying to decide what to cover her with- I’ve seen other sewers use a perfectly tailored sheath dress with closed sleeve holes- that would appeal to Ms Holloway (she’ll never be Mrs Harris to me!) but a close fitting t-shirt could also work in a pinch. We shall see.

There- now I KNOW that feels better!

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