Fabric Finds

So it’s a rainy evening in a smallish town. What to do, what to do. Go sniff around the Hancock fabric of course.  I’m loosely budgeted this month- darn car insurance! But a thing like fiscal responsibilty should never get in the way of a pattern sale. I was raised better than that!

Curses! She sees me! The Ultimate Fabric Enabler has locked her tractor-beam gaze on me and I was being slowly wooed across the room by her snake charmer powers. Yes, that Textile Vixen is working and I am powerless to resist whater she gently wafts in front of me! What can I say? She has very good taste- it’s similiar to mine and she is so willing to share!

So now I am the proud owner of 4 yards of this most inspiring cotton in a wonderful Harpers Bazaar print!

Do you feel the specialness? Lets see another view:

So what to do? I’m leaning toward a skirt or a dress with a simple bodice, I think a complimentary print is a good idea, oh, I don’t know. Can’t I just hoard it? Maybe just sit on my love seat in the sewingroom, holding it on my lap and whisper gentle endearments to it?

Thats not strange. No not strange at all. Everybody does it. Thanks to Kelly Sue.

Something lovely to share?

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