Wearable Wednesday

This week I’d like to show you some looks from Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2011 Ready to Wear Line. Leave a comment and tell me if you think you are ready to wear it:

Seems work appropriate- she is wearing hosiery, right?

Those aren’t my hips, I’m wearing jodphurs. Oh, how many times I’ve told the mirror that old chestnut!

Gee, is it me or are the buttons too big? Yes, thats all that bothering me. Not the ghosts of dead muppets. 

Your thoughts?

8 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday

  1. As for the first one- I’m sorry but I don’t want my knockers or my bra so visible for everyone to see! The second one- it screams “Hitler!” at me. The third one- green pleather and fur just don’t strike my fancy too well! Those sleeves look like they weigh as much as my child! But thanks for sharing!


  2. I think the first one could be appropriate at a fetish club. I can’t figure out where you would wear the other two. And what’s with the Muppet sleeves? Michael Kors did them too, a few seasons back. Are we taking the Constitutional right to bear arms too seriously in this country?


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