Ahoy! Wearable Wednesday Betsey Johnson Edition

Sew Weekly is Nautically themed this week and usually the closest I get to that genre is eating cracker jack, so I decided to show some salty sea togs  from the Divine Betsey Spring 2011 RTW.

Are they ready to pipe aboard?

Those are two seriously pursed Pursers!

 Is that Evil Knievel humping her feet? I like it except for that possibility.

Cuteness  Ahoy!

Ok, I think I like nautical more than I originally thought. Thanks Betsey!

I declare you all press-ganged into giving opinions!

Photo Credits: Style.com

7 thoughts on “Ahoy! Wearable Wednesday Betsey Johnson Edition

  1. I actually like nautical themes but I’m not sure I’d wear any of these….the shapes aren’t flattering for me and the heels are too high. I tend to like Betsey Johnson, but only in theory, like if I had a million dollars and all the basics I needed in my closet THEN I’d buy some Betsey to liven things up.


  2. Wow. I love those 2 little suits at the top. Not that I’ve got the figure but a girl can dream! Seeing your pics and Debi’s creation in particular on Sew Weekly has convinced me I like nautical more than I thought too! Oh to have more hours in a day…. and longer legs!


  3. Ok, I’m not much of a nautical person either (living a thousand km from the nearest ocean might play a role 😉 ) but I do love those jackets in the first pic, and both the jacket and jumpsuit in the last. And I’m not a jumpsuit person either.

    And yes, the shoes are scary, but then I don’t think I’ve seen much on the feet of runway models that I would be able to wear in real life EVER.


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