Wearable Wednesday- Aquilano.Rimondi

As you know, I am totally ready for Fall and this design duo are really appealing to me- major texture, a little retro, fab shoes:

Marcia Brady gets very high-tone:

This would make my neck look sooo skinny. I mean swanlike, of course.

Fuzzy Wuzzy, fuzzy wuzzy.

This is some bad-ass secretarial armour wear.

What’s the general consensus?


Photo Credits: Style.com

Hope you like it, Mickey.

My final vacation top has been sewn. Sigh. No, not sigh over vacation, but sigh over the top I used some really cute Deanna fabric on. I can’t help thinking that I have made a very expensive pillowcase dress. You know- the ones all the little eventual sorority girls have that come with GIANT matching hairbows and look so nauseating in soft focus beach photography that hangs over the mantels of people who have good taste and too many sweater sets? I know- I’m an awful person. But, gees, to find out you spent 2 hours making something that should have been seriously obvious from the Hubbell telescope as feedsack couture. I am embarrassed.

Well, it is obscenely comfortable and I don’t have to suck in while wearing it, so ok, it’s a tiny win.

Here it is, she said in her best Eyeore voice:

Oh, Liesl blinked! Well, thats about how we feel about Butterick 5216….

The final Frock of Summer?

I think that I am seasonally conditioned to jump start seasons too early. Maybe it was all that retail serfitude in my formative years. Maybe it’s all the back to school shopping around me- yesterday I actually considered buying a pencil case. It’s 900 degrees outside and I am already poo-pooing my hot weather clothing. I know it’s crazy, but I am already thinking Randy.

 So I did some shopping this week-

Or this-

It’s not as dark as the lighting in the Sewrers Bordello alludes to. I swear.

But it’s hot outside! My super hero alter ego is Instant Gratification Girl!! as you all know- except in the bizarro universe of course, where I am the evil LADY SHALLOW– but that is a story for another day.Never mind- anyhoo. How can I sew wool and corduroy and not wear it for 2 months??? It’s morally wrong to have new shiny things and not display them. Just not the way to live. Nope. It’s like not eating your chocolate Easter bunny before noon on Easter. Just not possible.

So I declare and probably will declare at least once more:

The Following pattern choice will be THE FINAL FROCK OF SUMMER!!!! fanfare, fanfare….

Now which Lisette wins…….

Trash and Treasures- a wardrobe imbalance

So I was just enjoying Beebee’s Vintage Dress blog and she is doing a major wardrobe overhaul. I should do this too- it would be very productive and I can play dress up, so win-win… Annie style.

She reveals the following:

Gunn’s 10 Essential Items Every Woman Needs
• Basic black dress
• Trench coat
• Classic dress pants
• Classic white shirt
• Skirt
• Blazer
• Day dress
• Cashmere sweater
• Jeans
• A comfortable alternative to a sweatsuit

I sense that this is going to be a very upsetting trip thru my closet. 

My trench coat is not Burberry- it’s a green floral that I lost the tie to.

My classic dress pants have cat-hair maribou hems from hanging on the bottom row of my closet where the puss-tails do hibernate.

What is a comfortable alternative to a sweatsuit?

I’m thinking that comfortable is an adjective that I should remove from my shopping vocabulary. Also kitshy, novelty and anything my husband sees on Katy Perry. Lets face it- I have a wardrobe that looks like it emerged from a clown car. If I went on What Not To Wear, they would call for a priest. And I quite possible would try to wear his vestments as a sash.

So. My sewing resolve for the month of September is to get some normalcy up in that closet! My pop pieces are threatening to explode and take hostages.

Wearable Wednesday- Veronica Etro

Style.com describes this collection as Pell-Mell, without a connective tissue. I think that my summer blighted senses were just excited to see anything that looks cold weather ready- bring on the brrrrrr, please.

I saw this one in Vogue and just loved the tailored edge to it.

I now think I need to reline all my winter coats!

This last one reminds me of the Lautrec snake dress- it has that sense of movement.  Or maybe a Hotwheels race track, whatever.

Your thoughts?

Photo Credits: Style.com

Granola Gathering Top

This week I didn’t do as much as I had planned, but I do have one finished product to report.

Mccalls 6358- here forward to be called the Granola gathering Apron. My husband is really more into tailored or girly clothes on me- I was curious to see what he would think of this little number and he turned his head to the size thoughtfully and said, ‘It’s cute- sort of what you would wear to gather granola.’

Readers- another culinary mystery solved by Mr B- granola is found out in the woods- perhaps by specially raised pigs that find it in hollow trees, like truffles. Perhaps granola pigs will be the next boutique pet.

I followed the pattern religiously, as a good girl should- except for my disinclination toward bias tape- I faced the front area instead- giving the straps a little more stability. In case the pig gets hard to manage on his lead.

I also have to say that my darn machine- mangler of button holes and such, was truly spiteful this time. Best button hole it has ever done and it’s buried in the facing! So rude! Look how pretty:

I love this fabric- I was really pleased to find somthing to show off the pattern on it. That and the whole thing going  together start to finish in the same amount of time as it took Brenda Lee Johnson to solve a crime while I watched makes this a winner!

Ms Middletons Red Dress

Back view!

Isn’t this lovely? It’s classic and summery and lovely. I love the pleated front panel being so simple, but adding so much to a basic concept. So why don’t I have one too? Well, I have thumbed thru all my patterns, just sure that a basic princess seamed bodice lurked in there. I found a contender.  Trolling thru the big4 I was a little surprised at how hard it was to find this classic design. Another lesson: Never throw out old patterns! Styles always come back.

Add a little cap sleeve and we are in Pippaland.

Now I just need  to find what looks like a nubby, cottony something. Anyone have any nubby cottony something sources?

I am sure that this dres is the only thing seperating me from being Pippa Middletons exact clone. Look out cricket matches!  

A Royal Wearable Wednesday with Duro Olowu

Thanks to the Royal Order of Sartorial Splendour blog I have found a designer who likes to mix prints as much as I wished I had the courage to do. May I present African designer Duro Olowu- who has dressed Michelle Obama and the not always quite so stylish Princess Caroline:  

Here are some of the 2011 RTW Fall offerings that interested me the most:


Am I crazy? I really have nothing rude to say- I find this designer really inspiring and drapey and lovely- even a bit retro.  

OK…. I do hate suede ankle boots with dresses! There, I got that out! Phew! I just have ridiculously small feet for my frame and they make me look like My Little Pony. Well, thats my cross to bear, not yours.  Tell me what you think of this collection…..

Photo Credits: Style.com

A Hawaiian Rasputin Homage

Yesterday I finished Butterick 5555- a new favorite. I improvised on the collar a bit- I felt like everything I have sewn in the last week was Mandarin-y, so I just faced the back edges and let it be done.

My esteemed photographer is not a good stylist- he didn’t tell me my collar was doing woodgy things behind my back while I perfected my Julie the Cruise Director pose, but hey, his labor is cheap-I keep him. My title refers to how I always see smocky style peasant tops and think Mad Monk- so this is my Mad Monk on vacation look. What’cha think?

Countdown of a most important nature

The husband and I are at  75 day mark. What you ask? Well, if you know me, you know my deep devotion to the land of Mouse-based commerce located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.  Our annual pilgrimage is planned, wrestled over, debated and excel spreadsheeted to within an inch of it’s life. This year we are going during our favorite time.  Fall. Halloween at Disney is soooo fun. We also get to graze thru the International Food and Wine Festival. in a later post I will cover the costumes my Sweetie and I will be wearing, but for now, I am in high gear sewing Disney-worthy summer tops. I’m not so much a t-shirt girl, so I have been pouring over Pattern Review and Sew Weekly looking for fun tops.

So far I have 2 new items for the rotation I hope Mickey likes them:

Yes, those are little hidden Mickey buttons (roll your eyes, everyone!)

I’m using up my fat quarters on my fat quarters. Get it? I like at least 2 eye rolls per post- how am I doing?

Today I’m starting on Butterick 5555 in a salmony butterfly print gauze.

I promise no Mickey buttons I’m not crazy, I swear. At night we like to dress up a little for dinner at one of the resorts we can’t afford to sleep at- I think a little capri pant and this top could be annelicious. As usual the fabric is resting under a dachshund:

Liesl and I were watching Torchwood this morning. Multi-tasking at it’s best.