A pretty turn at Canongate Kirk

Congrats Zara and Mike- Zara, you look so happy and so lovely.

 I knew you would. This weekend I waited eagerly to see what you and the fam would trot out for your event and oh, my- your mother has totally surprised me. I was worried about her perchant for recycling- sometimes up to the 25 year mark. Older women are supposed to have mints in their clutch bags, not mothballs. Perhaps this has been in cedar too, but I really love it on her.

I expected her traditional Gibsony-bouffant and something  suitable and perhaps upholstery-esque. I expected to flip past your mothers pics on Zimbia pretty quickly, but wait- I’m totally digging this jacket! Lets see it closer- in this awwww-inspiring pic of her waving to you:

Do you agree? It feels so retro and ladylike. Maybe I’m just moved to sentimental feelings by how sweet the Princess Royal looks here- that proud Mama smile is selling her whole look. Any thoughts on this weekends Mother of the Bride moment?

3 thoughts on “A pretty turn at Canongate Kirk

  1. Lynn says:

    Anne, I love her whole ensemble! Even her little flower in hasn’t invaded her roots. I wish I could see the shoes. I love shoes. I want a pair of almost everyone ever made. lol


  2. I totally agree. I love that jacket. I managed to avoid all images of Zara’s wedding. Not for any other reason than it was kept so low key I forgot all about it! So thank you for posting these. I might have to check out some more of the wedding pics now!


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