Wearable Wednesday with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

It’s that time again!

I think I have a little soft spot for this one- perhaps a hundred and one little soft spots…..

She saw it at a picnic and couldn’t resist……

I like that it gives her a tiny set of crotch valances….

Lets have one more- something subtle….

Hmm. At this point some of us may be wondering, what kind of a nutball has the money and nerve to wear this straight from the runway all the time?

Oh, hi Katy……we were just talking about you…..

Photo Credits: Style.com

5 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

  1. Barbara Shovlin says:

    Love the blue number…  but would need a definite sleeve adjustment! If “someone” had the $, the dalmation jacket would be so cool at Disney…just saying!


  2. Ok, I love all of them, except the blue number (maybe with the sleeves adjusted — or ripped off entirely). I’d remove those valances in pic #3 and just wear that dress.

    I’m also embarrassed to admit how often I’ve wanted to steal an outfit off Katy Perry. Girl has some serious style chops.


  3. I liked them all a bit too- especially the dalmation print and the leather work- the boots in the collection are gorgeous!
    It always bothers me a little when style shows rag on Ms Perry- she can have a very costumey style that you just can’t judge against Jennifer Aniston in her Calvin Klein- she needs her own category!


    • Exactly! And I don’t consider stars like Jennifer Aniston to really have “style” — she’s simply wearing more expensive versions of what everybody else is wearing. A lot of “stylish” celebrities are just label hounds. I’m always more interested in looking at people like Katy Perry and Helena Bonham Carter because what they are wearing is part of their personality and/or brand.


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