Saturday Plunder!

Every month there is a giant warehouse sale at a textile plant near here and I always plan to go- you know- at 3am when  you are making the plans that never actually happen the next day.

Well, being that it is as hot as humanly possible this weekend, my beloved decided that this was the weekend we should spend roaming an unairconditioned cinderblock building, sucking up lint and wilting slowly.

IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! I could spend days describing the rooms and rooms of fabric and notions and zippers and thread and upholstery tacks and lining and horsehair braid and buttons and clasps and OH!!! I think I may need to pause a moment. I’m getting a little delicate just thinking about it.

With the help of my trusty conspirator, Mr B, I looted and plundered in a very giddy way. Clarifying- I was giddy- he was very tolerant.

Just look at some of this loot:  

Ok, now this!

I also got 8 yards of some lovely embroiderd silk that will be my first attempt at a retro 50’s style dress- something I just picture myself in doing a slow meander thru the grocery store- more of my Stepford fantasy again! I’ll keep you posted on that mission as soon as I find the perfect pattern. Hmm…..

5 thoughts on “Saturday Plunder!

  1. Lynn says:

    The great Jack Sparrow would have been quite proud (and appropriatley jealous) of your booty! When you get that dress done, let me know. I’ll meet you at the supermarket for photoshoot!!


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