Simplicity 2694- Ready for the Runway

This week I have no trauma- as you can see in my eyes I am contemplating using the Blue Fly accessory wall very thoughtfully. Enough hints? Do I need to mention Tim Gunn and the divine Lady Seal by name to let you know that this weeks little creation is from Simplicitys Project Runway Inspiration line?

Well, it is and I’m really pleased with it. I didn’t make the self belt- belts up that high under the bust make me look a little Merman-esque and the back is supposed to have a pleat just like the front, but a few people on Pattern Review hinted that it  looked a little back fin-y so I just gathered the back instead. One of my early talents developed as a lowly costume shop slave a million years ago is making covered buttons and I’ve always liked the way they look ,so I threw on quite a few. Don’t worry, Mr Gunn, I was very editorial with my placement!!!

This little frock is my idea of tropical- the theme of my sister inlaws party this weekend. It’s floral and bright and thats really as tropical as I can hang with- when you look this dorky- the jump from ‘tropical’ to ‘silly tourist’ is not a big leap, one must be careful or locals will try to involve you in a shell game or a long cab ride.

8 thoughts on “Simplicity 2694- Ready for the Runway

  1. I love it! By coincidence, I was looking at this pattern and thinking of using this olive green eyelet I have for the version like yours but with flaps. Thanks for showing me how cute the standing collar can be.


  2. Adorable! And very tropical. Although I’m not sure about the white tights, but I’m the sort of person who would put pink with that dress to keep up the tropical theme. So my advice should be taken with a large grain of salt.


  3. What pretty fabric and such a cute dress. I’m a bit scared of white tights personally. I think because I spend most of the year being pale and (not so) interesting! But the length and style of this dress suits you so much.


  4. I enjoy that you accessorize your home with dog crates, we mostly decorate with dog crates, dog beds, dog dishes. Oh, yes and dogs.

    Still stalking your blog.


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