A Royal Wearable Wednesday with Duro Olowu

Thanks to the Royal Order of Sartorial Splendour blog I have found a designer who likes to mix prints as much as I wished I had the courage to do. May I present African designer Duro Olowu- who has dressed Michelle Obama and the not always quite so stylish Princess Caroline:  

Here are some of the 2011 RTW Fall offerings that interested me the most:


Am I crazy? I really have nothing rude to say- I find this designer really inspiring and drapey and lovely- even a bit retro.  

OK…. I do hate suede ankle boots with dresses! There, I got that out! Phew! I just have ridiculously small feet for my frame and they make me look like My Little Pony. Well, thats my cross to bear, not yours.  Tell me what you think of this collection…..

Photo Credits: Style.com

2 thoughts on “A Royal Wearable Wednesday with Duro Olowu

  1. I don’t like the dresses on Princess Caroline, but the others are pretty cute. I especially like the first suit.

    I was thinking of getting a pair of ankle boots, but I have both thick legs and enormous clodhoppers, so clunky shoes work on me. Also, I like the idea of looking like My Little Pony although I’m pretty sure the effect would be way less cute on me.


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