Ms Middletons Red Dress

Back view!

Isn’t this lovely? It’s classic and summery and lovely. I love the pleated front panel being so simple, but adding so much to a basic concept. So why don’t I have one too? Well, I have thumbed thru all my patterns, just sure that a basic princess seamed bodice lurked in there. I found a contender.  Trolling thru the big4 I was a little surprised at how hard it was to find this classic design. Another lesson: Never throw out old patterns! Styles always come back.

Add a little cap sleeve and we are in Pippaland.

Now I just need  to find what looks like a nubby, cottony something. Anyone have any nubby cottony something sources?

I am sure that this dres is the only thing seperating me from being Pippa Middletons exact clone. Look out cricket matches!  

6 thoughts on “Ms Middletons Red Dress

  1. I don’t have any sources, but I’m pretty sure that fabric would be considered tone-on-tone swiss dot. I looked up some images for swiss dot, and the larger ones without contrasting color look like this. I thought at first it was a slub weave, but slub has lines rather than dots.

    It’s a gorgeous dress! I love that style, but I worry that it would make me look like a kindergartener.


  2. Swiss dot (raised, embroidery-like) or clip dot (the same, but cut into tufts) cotton, I ADORE this fabric! I just pinned these images from Daily Mail because I have some orange swissdot in my stash I was wanting to do something with. This is it!

    A few ressources:

    It’s sometimes hard to find online, usually solid pastels (it’s a “kid” fabric these days) but if you find a print or, rarer still, variegated dots, grab it!!!


  3. Oups, didn’t think of the wearther since I’m in the caribbean. BUT if you could find a light wool polkadot print or something? The big hassle is the pintuck/pleating.

    I’m thinking of doing like Burda says: do the pintucks/pleats on a piece of fabric big enough to fit the two skirts+CF bodice pannel and then cut out those 3 pieces. The rest of the outfit is plain so you could cut it out in the left-over fabric. Food for thought.

    Off to measure my fabric *crossing fingers*


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