Granola Gathering Top

This week I didn’t do as much as I had planned, but I do have one finished product to report.

Mccalls 6358- here forward to be called the Granola gathering Apron. My husband is really more into tailored or girly clothes on me- I was curious to see what he would think of this little number and he turned his head to the size thoughtfully and said, ‘It’s cute- sort of what you would wear to gather granola.’

Readers- another culinary mystery solved by Mr B- granola is found out in the woods- perhaps by specially raised pigs that find it in hollow trees, like truffles. Perhaps granola pigs will be the next boutique pet.

I followed the pattern religiously, as a good girl should- except for my disinclination toward bias tape- I faced the front area instead- giving the straps a little more stability. In case the pig gets hard to manage on his lead.

I also have to say that my darn machine- mangler of button holes and such, was truly spiteful this time. Best button hole it has ever done and it’s buried in the facing! So rude! Look how pretty:

I love this fabric- I was really pleased to find somthing to show off the pattern on it. That and the whole thing going  together start to finish in the same amount of time as it took Brenda Lee Johnson to solve a crime while I watched makes this a winner!

4 thoughts on “Granola Gathering Top

  1. Barbara Shovlin says:

    I am so old, I remember when aprons were as much a part of kitchen life as microwaves are today. I think it is time to start a “Bring Back Aprons” campaign.
    On the other hand, it is sort of a trendy type top….since to be a “real” apron you need huge pockets. Mr. B took a great picture!!!!


  2. Lynn says:

    Anne! I love it. I agree with Barbara. One of my new years resolution this year has been to learn at least one new recipe each month that I am willing to make again (that is the trick, anyone can make something new, but I have to find something that I want a second try at.” So, I NEED an apron in the kitchen. I am messy and can never find my kitchen towel right when I need it. So yes! “Bring Back Aprons!!” I’ll happily carry a sign and march with you. But I too would probably require pockets!! 🙂


  3. Granola gathering? Ahahahaha…. I like the print and the apron is adorable!

    I own one apron that was handed down from my grandmother. It’s a bizarre, store-bought monstrosity, but it does keep the flour off my midsection (preference for black + inclination to hold mixing bowl in place with my hip/stomach = floury shirts). I wouldn’t get much use out of apron pockets, but I desperately want one that has a towel attached. Like the ones that have a skirt made out of dishtowels? Something like that.


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