Wearable Wednesday- Veronica Etro

Style.com describes this collection as Pell-Mell, without a connective tissue. I think that my summer blighted senses were just excited to see anything that looks cold weather ready- bring on the brrrrrr, please.

I saw this one in Vogue and just loved the tailored edge to it.

I now think I need to reline all my winter coats!

This last one reminds me of the Lautrec snake dress- it has that sense of movement.  Or maybe a Hotwheels race track, whatever.

Your thoughts?

Photo Credits: Style.com

4 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday- Veronica Etro

  1. Barbara Shovlin says:

    Absolutely love #2 also….also am longing to wear something so warm and comfy looking as #1….”hot wheels” number and others are wild!!


  2. I didn’t realize that I needed a pair of silver trousers until today…
    Also love a rich lining fabric. Sometimes more interesting than the shell.
    I love dressing for Autumn.


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