Trash and Treasures- a wardrobe imbalance

So I was just enjoying Beebee’s Vintage Dress blog and she is doing a major wardrobe overhaul. I should do this too- it would be very productive and I can play dress up, so win-win… Annie style.

She reveals the following:

Gunn’s 10 Essential Items Every Woman Needs
• Basic black dress
• Trench coat
• Classic dress pants
• Classic white shirt
• Skirt
• Blazer
• Day dress
• Cashmere sweater
• Jeans
• A comfortable alternative to a sweatsuit

I sense that this is going to be a very upsetting trip thru my closet. 

My trench coat is not Burberry- it’s a green floral that I lost the tie to.

My classic dress pants have cat-hair maribou hems from hanging on the bottom row of my closet where the puss-tails do hibernate.

What is a comfortable alternative to a sweatsuit?

I’m thinking that comfortable is an adjective that I should remove from my shopping vocabulary. Also kitshy, novelty and anything my husband sees on Katy Perry. Lets face it- I have a wardrobe that looks like it emerged from a clown car. If I went on What Not To Wear, they would call for a priest. And I quite possible would try to wear his vestments as a sash.

So. My sewing resolve for the month of September is to get some normalcy up in that closet! My pop pieces are threatening to explode and take hostages.

4 thoughts on “Trash and Treasures- a wardrobe imbalance

  1. I’m still laughing at the image of you wrestling the vestments off a priest. Ahahaha….

    I hate lists of clothing essentials. They bear NO resemblance to the things I actually need:

    Basic black dress. Ok, I have this. In fact, I have several.

    Trench coat. I live in an area where when it rains, it pours. Trench coats are useless. A warm raincoat with a hood is my essential.

    Classic dress pants. Eff that noise. If I’m getting dressed up, I wear a dress. Or a skirt.

    Classic white shirt. I have a plain t-shirt. Does that count? I have never needed a white button-down, even when working in an office.

    Skirt. Only one? Puh-leez.

    Blazer. Nope. Have never needed one. Did wear one in my office days, but didn’t really need it even then. Cardigans are roomier.

    Day dress. Agreed, needed for casual weddings. Own a couple.

    Cashmere sweater. Cashmere makes me itch. Acrylic cardigans are fine.

    Jeans. Duh. Got that handled.

    A comfortable alternative to a sweatsuit? I call those pajamas.

    Where do those people get their crazy notions about how women dress?


  2. You made me smile – especially the bit about the sweatsuit! I’m with lazysubculturalgirl. I have never owned a blazer and my white shirt and dress trousers don’t leave the wardrobe. I did once own the coveted cashmere sweater but it wasn’t the wardrobe fix everyone told me it would be. It got holes in it and I don’t miss it.

    Have fun sorting your wardrobe out and stick to your own style…and show us the results!


  3. Lynn says:

    I agree with th lazyscubagirl on the blazer. I have 4 sitting in my closet right now and I think I’ve worn 3 of them…..twice each. The dress trousers, I have a ton of and get plenty of use out of them. This is mainly because I do NOT sew very much. I am a straight seam and minimal pinning chick. Over the years, as I’m buying off the rack, I have found a few things to be sad but true. I am a vertically challenged kinda gal. I’m not a “little person” by any stretch but I am, more often than not, too short for the regular size and too tall for the petites. Sigh……sniff

    I see such cute things and if there is a sewn in waist, it rarely hits me square on MY waist. I often see cute skirts that have beautiful hems that I adore. BUT, put it on and because of it’s waist in relation to my waist it’s either too short, too long, or just weird. So I stick to slacks. They seem to forgive me more. I have found a few dresses and skirts that make me feel all girly. The search can be long and hard. But, when I find one of those elusive little creatures that fit, I will wear them to within an inch of their life! 🙂

    The search continues……..


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