The final Frock of Summer?

I think that I am seasonally conditioned to jump start seasons too early. Maybe it was all that retail serfitude in my formative years. Maybe it’s all the back to school shopping around me- yesterday I actually considered buying a pencil case. It’s 900 degrees outside and I am already poo-pooing my hot weather clothing. I know it’s crazy, but I am already thinking Randy.

 So I did some shopping this week-

Or this-

It’s not as dark as the lighting in the Sewrers Bordello alludes to. I swear.

But it’s hot outside! My super hero alter ego is Instant Gratification Girl!! as you all know- except in the bizarro universe of course, where I am the evil LADY SHALLOW– but that is a story for another day.Never mind- anyhoo. How can I sew wool and corduroy and not wear it for 2 months??? It’s morally wrong to have new shiny things and not display them. Just not the way to live. Nope. It’s like not eating your chocolate Easter bunny before noon on Easter. Just not possible.

So I declare and probably will declare at least once more:

The Following pattern choice will be THE FINAL FROCK OF SUMMER!!!! fanfare, fanfare….

Now which Lisette wins…….

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