Hope you like it, Mickey.

My final vacation top has been sewn. Sigh. No, not sigh over vacation, but sigh over the top I used some really cute Deanna fabric on. I can’t help thinking that I have made a very expensive pillowcase dress. You know- the ones all the little eventual sorority girls have that come with GIANT matching hairbows and look so nauseating in soft focus beach photography that hangs over the mantels of people who have good taste and too many sweater sets? I know- I’m an awful person. But, gees, to find out you spent 2 hours making something that should have been seriously obvious from the Hubbell telescope as feedsack couture. I am embarrassed.

Well, it is obscenely comfortable and I don’t have to suck in while wearing it, so ok, it’s a tiny win.

Here it is, she said in her best Eyeore voice:

Oh, Liesl blinked! Well, thats about how we feel about Butterick 5216….

3 thoughts on “Hope you like it, Mickey.

  1. Oh, it’s a great color and the fit doesn’t look too bad! If it’s a bit simple — so what? That’s good for the heat, right?

    I have trouble with Butterick, they seem very much inclined to the dowdy. I’ve only ever made one thing from a Butterick pattern that earned a permanent place in my closet.

    I’m with you on the soft focus beach photography. We live in an area where everyone has one of those over their fireplace, and I sort of hate them on general principles.


  2. Barbara Shovlin says:

    Colors are perfect with your complexion and hair….to me it is not simple.nor dowdy…. the bow makes it unique…you couldn’t do dowdy if you tried!!!!


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