The Manson Secret Style School

Is it possible that dating Marilyn Manson is some sort of secret style school?

Look at him- quietly contemplating the joys of single needle tailoring.

Has anyone besides me noticed that after co-habitating with his freakishness- people come out so much better dressed?! I of course exclude The Dita from this list- she was and is always amazing- maybe she helped him develop a  style curriculum for his future mates.

Here they are probably leaving the Victoria and Albert Museum retrospective on Spats and cravats happier times, I’m sure.

I know that he would have you believe that he and his misses just hang around the dungeon painting with squirrel blood and mocking the republicans, but I think secretly he has them in a sensory deprivation tank with only fresh copies of European Vogue for company. Passers-by can hear him screaming over the bass line,


Case in point Evan Rachel Wood:

Before Manson? She was just that kid from Practical Magic- post Manson?

 I tell you his demonic paleness is very proud right now. He’s just not very demonstrative.

Rose, your tank appointment is at 2:15. Please be early and bring your own towel.

4 thoughts on “The Manson Secret Style School

  1. Barbara Shovlin says:

    Just goes to show, you can’t judge a book by its cover….obviously, in his own way, he can certainly “put it together” and it just does rub off….


  2. Ha! I’ve seen pictures of Manson without all the makeup and accoutrements, and he’s nothing much to look at. Clearly a case of someone who has learned to work his image. I can well imagine that it rubs off on those in his periphery.

    I wonder how much of the style evolution has to do with growing up, though? He did date Wood and McGowan when they were fairly young.


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