Wearable Wednesday with Mary Katranztou!

So here we are again- this time Kiera Knightly brought this designer up- with an intriguing gown last week from the Spring 2011RTW- but I don’t like Kiera Knightly, so no picture!  She is dead to me after remaking Pride and Prejudice. But I digress!

Mary Katranztou’s  work brings to mind porcelain, faberge and opulent collectibles and perhaps those fancy cotton quilted purses I see in the Hallmark….shall we?

Thank the Lord- someone else gets ankle baggies when they wear their tights with their inverted urn.

I like the bird sonogram effect:

if you twist the model in half- 3 smaller nested models roll out….

I too love never having to suck my stomache in, but dragging around the portable fan to show my frock to best advantage gets tiring.

My feeling is that I would love to run thru this designers studio with empty shopping bags and a cart- this fabric is so much fun, but I’m not sure if I need to look like a tiny hinged Russian Easter gift. Ok, well, maybe just a few times a year.

Photo Credits: Style.com

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