Cough, cough……. sputter….I can barely see thru the feverish haze. Are those angels?  Cough…cough…..

I just know I have a fever. My glands feel very swollen and my tongue is coated. I think the mailman must have given me the plague today when he was dropping off my new toys. I am just not sure I can make it to work…feel so weak…….

Clemmy says, ‘Get your scrubs on, get this thing off my sleeping area and go the hell to work.’

I guess I’ll go get in the shower.

7 thoughts on “**Cough**

  1. It is morally wrong to have cheetah print corduroy cut out, a new serger and new sewing machine all ready and be at work! Where is amnesty international when the real horrors occur??


  2. Chiky Chickita says:

    How could you even work with all of this waiting for you at home ? I would be in agony looking at the clock.Anyways you have proven I am “SICK ” ,after staring at your serger, ( no wait I mean drooling at it 🙂 lol ) I have to urge to run out to the store


  3. That must have taken a lot of willpower! What a tease to have that arrive before you set off to work!. Cheetah print corduroy sounds amazing. Cant wait to see what it turns into!


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