A little sunday something…

I did get some pics taken today- before I got wrinkly, too!

Aw, I’ve embarassed Bruder-boo with my wonky hem- it just needs a little ironing, I think. This is simplicity 2025- one of the lovely new $1.49 Sew Simple designs. I’m happy. I skipped the back zipper- it is an easy over the head tunic. I changed the neckline- it was very low cut- even by my sleazy standards! I love the sleeves and my free to me Deanna fabric. I want to find a border print to use next time.

yes, just like Edward, I appear to sparkle in full sunlight. Bathe in your jealousy.

6 thoughts on “A little sunday something…

  1. OOH, purty! That purple is one of my favorite colors. I’m not a tunic wearer but your version is tempting.

    Phfffft, you’re way cooler than Edward. Who ever heard of a vampire that sparkles?


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