What have I done for me lately….

I planned to hunker down in the Sewers Bordello- create masterworks and gently stroke my new loves- who I tentatively refer to as Lillian and Dorothy after the Gish sisters, but no…….

Mr B felt the need to hitch up the wagon and drive into the big city.

So because he’s really very tolerant of my shenanigans I sighed heavilly and went along. We did our usual route- lunch, a triangular trek about town looking for a phantom camera shop and a trip to Whole Foods.  So I didn’t get any pictures of my lovely purple creation I made last week, or finish the Cheetah frock, but I have been busy, I swear!

I’m trying to participate in the Fall Palette Planning – I have chosen browns, pinks and burgundies and with some green thrown in to make myself look like a chubby azalea bush from the right angle- but I think these colors are the most flattering on my delicate complexion- or lack there of.

Now I need a pinky swear that the following pictures of stash closet madness will not make it back to Mr B….

Ok, I have some fabric now and a lot of patterns, but the planning and follow thru are my enemy- I flit a little. I like to make what I feel like making, so when a new bright, shiny object appears before me, I change the plan.

Fashion Week is not helping!

Check out this Monique Lhullier:

and this Cynthia Rowley:

and this by Band of Outsiders:

I am seriously chasing my tail now!

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